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Hand Made Black Ash Burl Cigar Pen
Hand Made Black Ash Burl Cigar PenHand Made Black Ash Burl Cigar Pen
Hand Made Black Ash Burl Cigar Pen
Item#: hand-made-black-ash-burl-cigar-pen

Product Description
Hand Made Wooden Pen, fashioned on a wood lathe from Black Ash Burl.

There are always surprises in store when working wood burl on the lathe. The resulting pens are always striking in appearance. This Black Ash Burl pen is no exception.

The light Ash contrasts beautifully with the darker browns within the burl, creating a great overall look.

Black Ash grows in the northern United States. Because it grows primarily in low wet areas, it is also known as Swamp Ash.

A burl is a growth that most commonly develops at the base of the tree, although it can be found in the branches. Burl formations are thought to be caused by injury, stress and infection or by an unformed bud or sucker that is trying to sprout but is deformed and unable to grow normally. The cells of this bud then divide and divide again, over and over, growing unevenly and excessively.

This pen uses the Parker style of refill, which are available at most stationary stores.

Pen is 5.625 inches or 14 cm long and approx 5/8 inch or 1.6 cm wide.