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Leather Coat of Arms Luggage Tag Set
Leather Coat of Arms Luggage Tag SetLeather Coat of Arms Luggage Tag Set
Leather Coat of Arms Luggage Tag Set
Item#: leather-coat-of-arms-luggage-tag-set
Please provide the Nationality of the Name - Quite often the same name has multiple versions based on Nationality:  Family Name for Crest: First Name for Key Fob: Line #1 for back of tag: Line #2 for back of tag: Line #3 for back of tag:
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Product Description
Coat of Arms Leather Tag assortment. A tag for every use. You get two large luggage tags, one small tag, and a key fob. All tags are made from real leather, cut directly from the hide, and Laser Engraved with your family’s Coat of Arms. Each of the tags comes with a leather strap. Use as Luggage Tag, Golf bag tag, pocket book embellishment, gym bag ID, or use your imagination to find others. The key fob is also personalized further with the addition of your first name. If you would like, an additional 3 lines of text can be engraved on the back of the 3 tags for ID purposes, at no additional cost. The Large Tags are 2” x 3”, the Small Tag is 1.5” x 2”, and the Fob is 2” x 3.5” or: The Large Tags are 5.08 cm x 7.62 cm, the Small Tag is 3.81 cm x 5.08 cm, and the Fob is 5.08 cm x 8.89 cm.

One final Note: Many Names have multiple Coats of Arms within a Nationality, so if you know what yours looks like, please provide a description or send a picture. I want to be sure that you get exactly what you are expecting.

List of available Names

"A - B" " " Abaceta Abad Abadal Abadia Abadie Abaeto Abajo Abal "Abalos or Avalos" "Aban or Abbans" Abancourt Abar Abarbanel Abarca Abaria Abaroa Abarrategui Abascal Abasto Abat Abati Abaurrea Abbé Abbot Abbott Abdy Abeeta Abel Abel Abela Abelho Abell Abella Abellán Abelló Abendroth Abengoza Aberasturi Abercrombie Abernethy Aberton Abiaga Abiago "Abingdon or Abington" Abinia Abio Abitera Ablanedo Aboa Abogadro Aboim Aboitiz Abor Abrahall Abraham Abráldez Abram Abran Abreu Abreu "Abri or Abrines" Abril Abul Accotts "Acebedo or Acevedo I" "Acebedo or Acevedo II" "Acebes or Aceves" Acedo Aceija Aceituno Acero "Acha I" "Acha II" Achalandabaso Achard Achard Acher Acheros Acherton Acheson Achioli "Achmuty or Auchmuty" Achuri Ackerman Ackers Ackland Ackroyd Acorella Acosta Acotes Acre Acton Acuña Acurio Adair Adam Adam "Adam (AB IFOR OF GWENT)" "Adam (AP HYWEL)" Adame "Adames (of Cardiganshire)" Adami Adamo Adams Adams Adams "Adams (Patrickchurch, Pembrokeshire)" Adamson Adán Adarbe Adarga Adárraga "Adda (of Mochnant)" Adderley Adell Adelmann Adhemar Adington "Adinstoun or Adiston" "Adison or Addison" Adler Adler Adlington Adoian Adorno Adorno Adrián Adrien "Aeddan (AP GWAITHFOED)" "Aeddan (AP SEYSSYLLT)" Aellos "Aeneas (YSGWYDDWYN)" Afán Affleck Affonso Agar Agar Agard Agard Agea Ager Agier Agneau Agnese Agnew Agós Agostini Agostino Agramonte Agramunt Agraz Agreda Aguado Aguas Aguayo Agudo Agueda Agüero Aguiar Aguiar Aguila Aguilar Aguilera Aguilera Aguilo Aguinaga Aguirre Aguirrezazona Agulló Ahajadas "Ahedo or Haedo" "Aherne or O'Heron" Ahones Ahumada Aiala Aicken Aiello "Aigle ('d)" Aigremont Aikenhead Aikman "Ailhaud (d')" Ailly Aimerich Ainsa Ainslie Ainsworth Aires Airth Aitken Aizaga Aizpurúa Ajofrín Alagón Alaíz Alamo Alan Aland Alao Alapont Alarcón Alardo Alava Alba Albacete Albalat "Albanacus (Son of Brutus)" Albanese Albani Albany Albarracín "Albelda or Abelda" Albéniz Alberas Alberca Alberdi Albergaria Albernaz Albernoz Albero Albers Albert Albert "Albert or Albertín" Alberti Alberti Albertini Alberto Alberton Albin Albini Albon Albornoz Alborough Albrecht Albuquerque Alburquerque Alcalá Alcañiz Alcántara Alcaraz Alcázar Alcocer Alcock "Alcock (Waterford)" Alcolea Alcubillo Aldaba Aldana Aldebert Aldehuela Alden Alderete Alderson Aldham Aldin Aldington Aldred Aldridge Aldrington "Aldwell (Tipperary)" Aldworth Aldworth Alegría Alemany Alepus Alessio "Aleth (King of Dyfed)" Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexandre Alfaro Alfaro Alférez Alfero Alfonse Alfonsín Alfonso Alford Alfred Alfrey Algarra Algeo Alicante Alighieri Alix Allain Allaire Allamand Allard Allardice Alleaume Alleet Allegretti Allegri "Alleman (d')" Allemand Allen Allen "Allen or Alen" Allende Allenson Allerton Allesandri Allet Alley Alley Allgood Allier Allington Alliot Allyn Alma Almada Almagro "Almanza or Almansa" Almeida Almeida "Almer (of Pant locyn, Denbighshire)" Almodóvar Almunia "Alo (ab Ithel, King of Gwent)" "Alonso I" "Alonso II" Alós Alpedrete Alphonso Alpoim "Alpont I" "Alpont II" Alquier Alsop Alston Alston Altamira Altamirano Altamirano Alte Altero Altmann Alvarado Alvarães Alvarenga Alvares Alvarez "Álvarez (de Toledo)" "Alverston or Alveston" Alvim Alvo Alzaga Alzamora Alzate Amado "Amado or Amador" Amador Amand Amar Amaral Amat Amati Amato Amaya Ambia Ambía Amboise Ambrose Ambrose Ambrosi Amelin "Ameredith (Meredith of Crediton)" Ames Amescua Amezúa Amici Amico Amigo Amiot Amor Amorim Amorín Amorós Amory Amos "Amours (d')" Ampuero Ampurias Anailha Anaya Ancel Ancelin Anciso Ancketill Anda Andelos Anderson Anderson Anderton Andesley Andia Andrade Andrade André Andrea Andreozzi Andrés Andreu Andrew Andrew Andrew "Andrewe (of Herefordshire)" Andrews Andrieu "Andros (or Andrews)" Anduaga Andueza Anduga Anero Angel Angelis Angell Angelo "Anger or Angier" Anglasel "Angle (Pembrokeshire)" Angleria Anglés Anglesola "Anglois (l')" Angosto Angot Anguiano Anguita Angulo Angulo Angus Anhaia Anhalt Annand Anne Anne Annesley Annesley Anny Ansorena Anstruther Ansúrez Antas Antequera Anthony Antich Antillo Antoine Antolínez Antolini Anton Antón Antonelli Antonini "Antonius (AP SEIRIOL AP GORWST)" Antrobus Antrobus Antuñano Antúnez Anzano Aoiz "Aoust (d')" Aparicio Aponte Appleby Appleton Appleyard Apsley Aquila Aquin Aquino Araciel Arados Aragao Aragón Aragonés Aramburu Araña Aranda Arango Aranguren Aranha Aranibar Arauco Araújo Araújo Arbeláez Arbizú Arbo Arbois Arbuckle Arbuthnott Arca Arcas Arce Arce Arces Archambault Archard Archbold "Archdall or Archdale" Archdeacon Archdeacon "Archdekin or Archdecon" Archer Archer Archibald "Arcos I" "Arcos II" Ardagh "Ardderch (AP MOR AP TEGERIN)" Arden "Arden (Sir John, of Cheshire)" Ardena Arderne Areilza Arelhano Arellano Arena Arenal Arenas Areny Arés "Arévalo I" "Arévalo II" Argenti Argentini Argolo Argote Argüelles Argüello Arias Aries Ariño Ariola Arista Aristi Arizmendi Arjona Arkley Arlès Arlot Armada Armand Armano Armendáriz Armenteros Armero Armiger Armistead Armitage Armitage Armorer Armory Armour Armstrong Armstrong Arnáu Arnaud Arnault Arndt Arnedo Arneil Arnest Arnet Arnold "Arnold (Sir, Acquired Llanthony Abbey)" "Arnott (Fermanagh)" "Arnott or Arnot" Arnoud "Arod (ap Owain ab Edwin ap Gronwy)" "Aron (Sir Aron Ap Bledri)" Arpin Arquellada Arquer Arqués Arquet Arrabal Arrafan Arrais Arras Arregui Arrese Arriaga Arriaga Arribas Arrieta Arriola Arriscada Arrizabal Arrowsmith Arroyo Arrué Arruza Artacho Artal Artasona Artaud "Arteaga I" "Arteaga II" Artés "Arthal (or Arthgal)" "Arthen (AP SEISYLL)" Arthur Arthur "Arthur I (ab uthr pendragon-King Arthur)" "Arthur II (ab uthr pendragon-King Arthur)" Artieda Artigues Artiñano Artunduaga Arturo Arundell Ascanio Ascaso Asch Ascot Ascough Ascue "Ash (Kildare)" Ashborne "Ashborne or Ushborne" Ashbury Ashby Ashe Ashe Ashfield "Ashfield (Dublin)" Ashford Ashley "Ashley (Caernarfon)" Ashman Ashmore "Ashpool (of Denbighshire)" Ashton Ashurst Ashworth Asiaín Aske Askew Aslin Aspremont Asselin Asten Astier Astley Astner Aston Aston Aston "Aston (of Denbighshire)" Astorga Asturias Asúa Ataide Athell Atherton Atheson "Athy (Galway)" Atienza Atkins Atkinson "Atkinson (Mayo)" "Atkyns (of Cardigan)" Atley Atocha Atouguia Atton Atwater Atwell Atwood Aubé Auber Aubert Aubertin Aubigné Aubigny Aubin Aubrey "Aubrey (of Breconshire)" Aubry Aucher Auchinleck "Auchmuty or Achmuty" Audet Audley "Audley (Lords of Cemais)" Audouin Auffret Auge Auger Augereau Augier Aumont Auncell "Aungier or Aungies" Auriol Aussi Austen Austin Authier Autremont Auvray Avalos "Ávalos or Dávalos" Avecilla Avelar Avellaneda "Avene (lords of Afan)" Avery Avery Avila "Ávila I" "Ávila II" Avilés Avril Ayala Ayerbe Ayerst Aylmer Aylward Aylward "Aylwarde (of Carmarthen)" Aylworth Ayora Ayre "Aytoun or Ayton" "Aza or Daza" Azagra Azambuja Azcárate Azcón Azcona Azeredo Azevedo Azevedo Azinhal Aznar Azofra Azorín Baber Babiano Babin Babinet Babington Bacara "Bach (AP GWAITHFOED)" "Bacheler or Bachelier" Bachmann Backhouse Bacon Bacquet Bada "Badcock or Babcock" "Badenoch or Badenock" Bader Badet Badía Baena Baena Baeza Bafford "Baga or Bagaría" "Bagley or Begley" "Bagnal (of Anglesey)" Bagnall "Bagnall (Down)" Bagot "Bagot (Galway)" Bagshaw "Bagur or Begur" "Bagwell (Tipperary)" Bahamonde Baião Baier Baigrie Baikie Bailén Bailey Baillard Baille Baillet Bailleul Baillie "Baillie (Inishargy)" Baillif Baillon Baillot Baillou Bailly "Bain or Baines" "Bainbridge or Baynbridge" Baird "Bairros or Barros" Baker "Baker (of Abergavenny)" "Baker (Queen’s Co.)" "Baladon (or Ballon, lord of Abergavenny)" Balaguer Balarin Balay Balbi Balboa Balbuena Baldaia Baldenaches Balderston Balderstone Baldi Baldini Baldovino Baldovinos Baldry Baldwin Baleato Balencegui Bales Balfour "Balfour (Fermanagh)" Ball Ball Ballard Ballard Ballastros Balle Ballentine Ballentine Ballero Ballester Ballesteros Ballet Ballet Ballingall Bally Balmakin Balme Baltazar Balzola Bamber Bamberg Bamfield "Bamvill (or Bambil)" "Banaster (of Flint)" Banbury Bances Bancroft Band Banda Bandama Bandeira Bandrés Banester "Bangor (ap Dafydd Bangor)" "Bangor (Diocese of)" Banke Banks Bannatyne Bannerman Banning Baños Bañuelos Banyeras Banyuls Baquero Baracaldo Baracho Barahona Barahona Barájas Barata Barba Barbado Barbarán Barbarin Barbaro Barbata Barbato Barbe Barbe Barbeau Barbedo "Barbeita or Barbeito" Barbena Barbens Barber "Barberà or Barbés" Barberena Barberino Barbet Barbier Barbieri Barbin Barbo Barbosa Barboso Barbot Barbour Barby Barcaíztegui Barceló Barcelona Barclay Barclay Barco Barcroft Bard Bardaji Bardet Bardi Bardin "Bardolf (e)" Bardon Bardot Bardoy Bardudo Bardwell Bare Barejoia Baret "Bareth (Galway)" "Barford or Barfoot" Barham Barjac Barker "Barker (Meath)" "Barker (Tipperary)" Barkham Barlet Barlow "Barlow (Galway)" "Barlow (of Slebech)" Barnabé Barnaby "Barnard I" "Barnard II" Barner "Barnes I" "Barnes II" Barnett "Barnewall (Meath)" Barney Barnham Barnhouse Barnier Barns Barnston Barnuevo Baroja Baron Baron Baron Barón Barone Baroni Barr "Barr or Barry" Barra Barrachina Barradas Barral "Barran (Dublin)" Barranca Barrantes Barrat Barrat Barrau Barre Barreda Barrell "Barres (des)" Barret Barret "Barret (of Pendine, Pembrokeshire)" Barreto Barreto Barrett Barrett Barri "Barri (Manorbier Castle, Pembrokeshire)" Barrientos Barrier Barrière Barriga Barrington "Barrington (Limerick)" Barrio Barrois Barron Barrón Barros Barros Barroso "Barroso or Bastos" Barrow Barrowman Barry "Barry (de)" "Barry (Herefordshire)" Bars Barston Bartels Barthe Barthélemy Bartholomew "Bartlet (t)" Bartley Bartomeu Barton Barton Barton "Barton (Kildare)" "Barton (Lords of Barton, Flint)" Bartram Barvanca Barwell Barwick Bas "Bas (le)" Báscones "Basenet (of Flint)" Baset Basford Basham Bashe Basile "Basingwerk (Abbey, Flint)" Baskerville "Baskerville (of Eardisley, Herefordshire)" Baskin Bassano Basset "Basset (of Glamorgan)" Bassett Bassi Bassingborne Bassols Bastardo Bastida Bastide Bastier Bastin Bastons Bataille Batalha Bataller "Bate (s)" Bateman "Bateman (Kerry)" "Bateman (of Honeyborough, Pembrokeshire)" Bates Bateson "Bath or Bathe" Bathgate Bathurst Batres Batt "Batt (Wexford)" Battaglia Battersby "Baud (le)" Baudet Baudier Baudin Baudouin "Baudry I" "Baudry II" Bauer Baumann Baumbach Baumberg Baumeister Baumgarten Baumgartner Bausch "Bautista or Baptista" "Baux (des)" "Bauzon (or Bawson, of Glamorgan)" "Bawdrep (of Pen-marc, Glamorgan)" Baxter Baxter Bay Bayard Bayer "Bayer or Boyer" Bayle Bayle "Bayler or Baylor" Bayley Baylis Bayman Baynard Baynes Baynham "Baynham (AP EINION)" Baynton Bayo Bazán Bazin Bea "Beaghan or Behan (Antrim)" Beake "Beake (of Caernarfon)" Beale Beamish Beard Beardsley Beare "Beasley (Dublin)" Beatson Beattie "Beau (le)" Beaubois Beaucamp Beaucé Beauchamp "Beauchamp I" "Beauchamp II" Beaucourt Beaudet Beauffort Beaufils Beauford "Beaufort I" "Beaufort II" Beauharnais Beaujeu Beaulac Beaulieu Beaumont "Beaumont I" "Beaumont II" Beaupre Beaupré Beauregard "Beaurepair (e)" Beauvais Beauvoir Beavan Beavis "Beça or Bessa" Becerill Becerra Bechard "Beche or Beech" "Becher or Beach" Bechet Beck Beck Becker Beckering Becket Becket Beckford Beckham Beckingham Beckley Beckman Beckman Beckwith Bécquer Becquet Bedell Bedford "Bedo (AP DAFYDD AP GRUFFUDD)" Bedos Bedoya Bedwell Bee Beerman Beeston "Began (of Breygan, of Monmouthshire)" Begg Begley "Begue (le)" Béguin Beja Bejarano Belac Belair Belanger Belcher Belem "Belfarge or Belfrage" Belfield Belford Belgrave Belhouse "Beli (of Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire)" "Beli Mawr (King of Britain)" Beliago Belin Bell Bell "Bell (Fermanagh)" Bellafilla Bellamy Belle "Belle-Isle or Belisle" Bellenden Bellera Bellers Bellet Bellet Bellevaux Belleville Bellew Bellew Belliard Bellier Bellin Bellinger Bellingham Bellingham "Bellingham II" Bellini Bello Belloch Bellón Bellot "Bellot (Burton, Denbighshire)" Bellow Bellprat Bellpuig Bellvehi Bellver Bellvís Belmont Belmonte Belsches Belson Belton Beltrán Beltrao Bem Bembo Bénard Benasar Benavente Benavides Bench Bendall Bender Bender Bendish Bendris Benedetti Benet Benevides Benington Benítez Benito Benjamin Benn Bennet Bennet "Bennet (Cilfeigan, Monmouthshire)" "Bennett (Wexford)" "Bennie or Binnie" Benning Benning "Bennis (Limerick)" Benoist Benoit Benson Bent Bentley Benton Benvengut "Benwyll (or Benweill)" Benyon Béranger Berard Beraud Bere Bereford Bérenger "Berenger or Beringer" Berenguer Berenguer Berens Beresford "Beresford (Waterford)" Berg Bergadá Bergen Berger Berger Bergeret Bergeron Bergés Bergevin Bergier Bergmann Beringer Berington Berkeley Berlier Berlin Bermejo Bermeo Bermingham "Bermingham (Carrick)" Bermond Bermudes Bermúdez Bernabé Bernal Bernáldez Bernales "Bernard (Cork)" "Bernard I" "Bernard II" Bernardes Bernardi Bernardini Berndt Berner Bernet Berney Bernhardt Bernier Bernstein Bernuy Berre Berredo Berrios Berrocal Berroeta Berry Berry Berry "Berry (de)" Bertaud Bertaut Berthault Berthe Bertheaume Berthelot Berthet Berthier Berthoud Berti Bertin Bertolli Bertolo Berton Bertram Bertram Bertram "Bertrand I" "Bertrand II" Berwick Berzosa Besançon Bescós Besnard Besora Besse Besse Besset Besson Best Best "Betagh or Beatty" Betancourt Betanzos Betham Bethancourt Bethell Bethune Béthune Bettencourt "Bettencourt or Bittenco" Bettie Betts Betz "Beuf (le)" "Beven (or Bevan)" Bevens Beveridge Beverley Bevers Bevilacqua Bevis Bewley "Bey (de" Beyer Bezanilla Bezerra Bezin Bianca Bianchi Bianchini Bianco Bickerstaffe Bickerton Bickerton Bickley Bicudo Bidault "Biddle or Biddell" Biddulph Bidon Bidwell Biedermann Biedma "Bigg or Biggs" Biggar Biggar Bigot Bigot Billard Billet Billet "Billing (of Flint)" Billings Billingsley "Billington (of Flint)" Billon "Bilsland or Bissland" Bindon Bing Bingham "Bingham (Earl of Lucan)" Bingley "Bingley (of Flint)" Binning Birch "Birch (Kilkenny)" "Bird I" "Bird II" Birkby Birken "Birkenhead or Birket" "Birkhead (Bishop of St Asaph)" "Birkinshaw (of Llansannan, Denbighshire)" Birley "Birnie or Birney" "Birt (of Llwyndyrys, Cardiganshire)" "Birt or Burt" Biscoe Biscoe Bishop Bisley Bismark Bissell Bisset Bistué Bithel Bittner Bivero Black Black Blackadder Blackburn Blacker Blackerby Blackford Blackhall Blackie "Blackley or Blakey" Blacklock Blackman Blackmore Blackney Blackstone "Blackwell or Blackwall" Blackwood Bladen Blades Blaidd "Blaidd (AB ELFARCH)" "Blaidd (Y Blaidd Rhudd o’r Gest)" Blain Blair Blais Blaise Blake "Blake (Galway)" "Blanc (le)" Blancafort Blancas Blanchard Blanchard Blanche Blanchet "Blanchfield (Kilkenny)" Blanco Bland "Bland (Kerry)" Blandin Blane Blanearn Blanes Blaney Blasco "Blaw or Blew" "Blayney (Elystan Glodrydd)" Blázquez "Bleddyn (AP BLEDRUS)" "Bleddyn (AP CYNFYN -Prince of Powys)" "Bleddyn (AP MAENYRCH)" "Bleddyn (Wales)" "Bledri (AP CYDIFOR)" "Blegywryd (AP DINAWAL)" Blenkinsop "Blethin (of Shirenewton, Monmouthshire)" Blewet "Blewett (Lords of Raglan)" Bligh Bligh Blin "Bliss or Blisse" "Blithe or Blythe" Blocase Blois "Blond (le)" Blondeau Blondel "Blondel or Blundell" Blood Blood Bloom Bloomfield Bloore Blot Blouin Blount Blower Blumenthal "Blunden (Kilkenny)" Blyth "Bobadilha or Bobadilla" Bobadilla Bocanegra Bocanegra Bocking Bocquet Bode "Bodenham (of Rotherwas, Hereforshire)" "Bodfel (of Caernarfonshire)" "Bodin I" "Bodin II" "Bodkin (Galway)" Bodley "Boeuf (le)" Bofill Bog Bogle "Bohun or Boone" "Boil or Boyl" Boileau "Bois (du) I" "Bois (du) II" "Bois (of Breconshire)" Boiseau Boissard Boisset Boisson Boisy Boivert Boivin "Bokeland or Bocklande" Boland Bolaños Bold "Bold (Bowld of Conwy, North Wales)" Bolívar Bolton Bolton "Bon (le)" Bonanno Bonapart Bonar Bonastre Bonazzi Bonci Boncourt Bond "Bond (Longford)" Bonekill Bonelli Bonet Bonetti Bonfadini Bonfils Bongiovanni Bonham Bonhomme Boni Boniface Bonin Bonnaire Bonnard "Bonnaud ou Bonnault" Bonneau Bonnefoy Bonner Bonnet Bonneville Bonney Bonnier Bonnot Bono Bonomi Bonomo Bontemps Bontine "Bonvile (of Glamorgan)" Booker Booth Borbolla Borbón Bordeaux Bordes Bordier Borea Borel Borges Borghese Borghi "Borgne (le)" Borja Borlands Borlase Borman Borough Borrajo Borralho Borrás Borrego Borrell Borron Borrowman Borsello Borthwick Bosch Bosch Bose Bosley Bosquet Bossard Bosse "Bost (du)" Bostock Boswell Boswell Bosworth "Bot (du)" Botafogo Boteler Botelho Botella Boteller Boteto Botham Bothell Botilher Boto Bott Botta "Bottini (Bottoni)" Bou "Bouchard I" "Bouchard II" Bouchaud Bouché Boucher Bouchet Boudet Boudin Boue "Bouet (de)" Bouffard Bouffart Boughton Bouhier Bouie Bouillet Bouillon Boulanger Boulay Boulet Boulin "Boult or Bolt" "Boulton (of Pembrokeshire)" Bounton Bouquet Bouquier Bourbon Bourchier Bourdin Bourdon Bourdon Bourée Bourg Bourgeois Bourgoin Bourguignon "Bourke (Mayo)" Bourne Bousquet Boussard Bouteiller Boutet Boutillier Boutin Bouton Bouvard Bouvet Bouvier Bove Bovey Bowden "Bowdler (of Brompton, Montgomeryshire)" Bowell "Bowen (of Llwchmeilir, Pembrokeshire)" "Bowen (of Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire)" "Bowen (Queen's Co.)" "Bowen (Wales)" Bower Bower Bowes Bowie Bowler Bowles "Bowles (of Penhow, Montgomershire)" Bowman "Bowman I" "Bowman II" Bowring Bowyer Box "Boxe (or Coxe, South Wales)" Boyd Boydell Boyer Boyes Boyland Boyle "Boyle (Herefordshire, m. Hywel Gwyn)" Boynton Boys Boyton Brabant Brabant Brabazon "Brabazon (Meath)" Bracamonte Bracci Brace Brachet Bracho Brackenbury Bracy "Bradburn (e)" Bradbury Bradbury Bradden "Bradden or Bredin" Braddock Bradfield Bradford Bradie Bradley Bradley Bradshaw "Bradshaw (of St. Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire)" Bradston Bradwell Braga Bragança Bragg "Bragge or Bragg" Braham Brailsford "Braint (HIR, of Denbighshire)" Braithwaite Brambilla Brampton "Bran (AP DINAWAL)" "Branch (e)" Brand Brand Brand Brandão Brander Brandon Brandt Branis Branson "Braose (or Brewis, Lords of Brecon)" Bras Brassart "Brassey or Brassy" Bratt Brault Braumann Braun Bravo Bravo Bray Bray "Bray (de)" "Bray or Bree" Brayne "Bream (e)" Brechin "Breen (Kerry)" Brémond Brenner "Brenock (Tipperary)" Brent "Brent (of Pembrokeshire)" "Brereley or Brierley" Brereton "Brereton (of Borras, Denbighshire)" Bresson "Bressy or Bressey" "Bret (le)" Breton Breton Bretón Brett "Breuil (du)" Brewer Brewes Brewin Brewster "Breydon or Breyton" Briançon Briand "Brickdale (of Conwy, North Wales)" Brickley Brickman Bridge Bridgeman Bridger Bridges Bridges "Brien (or Bryne)" Brière Brierley Briet Briggs Brigham Bright Brillon Brimer Bringham Bringhurst Brinley Brinton Brion Briones Briot Brisbane Brisco Brissard Brisset Brisson Bristow Brito Broadbent Broadley Brocard Brocas Brochard "Brochwel (AP MOELYN)" "Brochwel (YSGITHROG)" Brock Brocket Brockman Brodie Brodrick "Brogan or O'Brogan" "Brokkas or Brocas" Brome Bromfield Bromhall Bromley Brooke Brooks Brooksbank Brossard Brosse Brosset Brossier Brothers "Brouart or Brouard" Brough Brough Brougham Broughton "Broughton (of Broughton, Bishops Castle)" Broun Brousse Brown Browne Browning Brownrigg Bruce Brulé Brulle Brullet Brulley "Brun (le)" "Brune (de)" Bruneau Brunel Brunet Bruni Brunner Brunot Brusati "Bruslé or Brulé" "Brutus (AP JULIUS AB ASCANIUS)" Bruyère "Bruyne (of Cardiganshire)" Bryan "Bryan (Lord of Laugharne, Carmanthenshire)" Bryce Bryson Buchan Buchanan Bucher Buchet Buchner Buchwald Buck Buck "Buckeley or Bulkley" Buckfield Buckholtz Buckingham Buckland Buckle Buckler Buckley "Bucknall or Bucknell" Buckton Buckworth Budge Bueno Bugge "Bugge or Bugg" Buhl Buhler Buisson "Bulkeley (of Anglesey)" Bull "Bull (of Oswestry)" Bullen Buller "Bullmer or Bulmer" Bullock "Bunbury (Carlow)" "Bunkell or Bunell" Bunn "Bunny or Bunney" Bunting Burchett Burden Burdett Bureau Buren Bures Burford Burg Burger Burges Burgès "Burges (Westmeath)" "Burgh (Limerick)" "Burgh (Lord of Mawddwy)" "Burghill (Lord of Crickhowell)" Burgos Burguillos Burke Burkhardt Burley Burnell Burnell Burnett Burnham Burns Burnside Burr Burrell Burrough Burroughs "Burroughs (Cavan)" Burrow Burrows Burt Burtin Burton Bury "Bus (du)" Busch Buseck Bushby Bushe Bushnell Busquet Busquets Bussey Busson Bustamante "Bustos or Busto" Butler Butler "Butler (or le Boteler, of Glamorgan)" Butter "Butter (of Flint)" Butterfield Butterworth Butterworth "Button (of Worlton, Glamorgan)" Byers Byfield "Byrbeck (Vicar of Lamphey, Pembrokeshire)" Byres Byron

"C - F" " " Caballa Caballería Caballero Cabañas "Cabanilles or Cabanillas" Cabanyelles Cabanyes Cabeça Cabedo Cabello Cabezas Cabezón Cabot Cabot Cabra Cabral Cabrales Cabreira Cabrera Cabrita Caccini Cáceres Cáceres Cacho Cadalso Caddell Cade "Cadell (King of Powys)" Cadena Cader Cadet Cadier "Cadiou or Cadieu" Cadogan Cadot "Cadrod (CALCHFYNYDD)" "Cadrod (HARDD)" "Cadwaladr (FENDIGAID, King of Gwynedd)" "Cadwallon (AP MADOG)" "Cadwell (Dublin)" "Cadwgon (AB ELYSTAN GLODRYDD)" "Cadwgon (AP BLEDDYN AP CYNFYN)" Caeiro Cagan Cage Caillaud Caille Caillet Caillon Caillot Caillou Caín Caine Cainho Caird Caire Cairncross Cairnie Cairns Cajal Cala Calabresi Calaça Calado Calahorra Calandra Calasanz Calatayud Calatrava Calça Caldas Caldecot Caldeira Caldeirão Calder "Caldera or Caldeira" "Calderón I" "Calderón II" Calderwood Caldwell Caleja Calella Calera Calheiros Calienes Callander Callander Calley Callis Callot Callow Calonne "Calthorp or Calthrop" Calton Calverley Calvert Calvet Calvillo Calvo "Calvo or Calvos" Calzada Calzadilla Calzier Camacho Camacho Camanho Camaño Camara Cámara "Camber (AP BRUTUS)" Cambier Cambray Camden Camelo Camero Cameron Caminero Camino Camisão Camões Campagne Campana Campbell Campeau Campillo Campion Campion Campo Campo Campo Campoamor Campolo Campoo Camporesi Campos Campos "Camps (des)" Campuzano Camus "Camus I" "Camus II" "Camville (Lords of Llansteffan)" Canal Cañas Cancino Candiani Canelas Canera "Caneston (of Pembrokeshire)" Canfield "Canga or Cangas" Canillas Cañizares Cann Canning Cannon Cano "Canon (of Haverfordwest)" Canonici Canossa Cánovas Cant Cantell Cantelli "Cantelupe (Lord of Abergavenny)" "Cantington (of Trewilym, Pembrokeshire)" Cantlowe Canto Canto Canton Canton Cantón Cantos Cantwell Cão Caparrós Capdevila Capece Capell Capella Capelli Capmany Capper Capponi Capps Capra "Caprach (Lord of Trecaprach, Gwent)" Capua Caputo "Caradog (FREICHFRAS -Earl of Hereford)" Caralt Caravello Carballo Carbery Carbone Carbonell "Carbonell I" "Carbonell II" Carbonneau Carbonnier Carcabuey Cárcamo Carcano Carcasona Card Cardell Cardelli "Carden (Tipperary)" Cárdenas Cárdenas "Cardiff (Sir Walter, Glamorgan)" Cardiffe Cardim Cardinal "Cardinal or Cardinall" Cardon Cardona Cardoso Carducci "Cardwed (of Twrcelyn, Bangor)" Careaga Carelli Carette Carew "Carew (of Pembrokeshire)" "Carey or O'Keary" Carfrae Cargill Cari "Carkham (Dublin)" Carl "Carleton (Clare, Cork)" "Carleton or Charlton" Carli Carlier "Carlill or Carlisle" Carlin Carlyle "Carmarthen (Priory of St John the Evangelist)" Carmichael "Carmick (Kilkenny)" Carmona Carmona "Carne (of Nash and Ewenni, Glamorgan)" "Carne (Wales)" Carnegie Carneiro Carnero Carnes "Carney (Athlone)" Carnicero Caro Caron Carpenter Carpentier Carr Carr "Carranza or Carrancá" Carrasco Carrasco Carré Carregosa Carregueiro Carreiro Carrel Carrell Carreño Carreras Carrère Carrick Carrier Carrier Carrière Carrilho Carrillo Carrington Carrio Carrión "Carron or Caron" Carruthers Carse Carstairs Carsten Carswell "Carter (Meath)" Cartier Carton Cartwright Cartwright Caruso Carvahal Carvajal Carvalho Carvell Carver Carwood Cary Casals Casanova Casares Casas Casco Cascos Case Casqueiro Cass Cassado Cassels Cassey Castagna Castañeda Castañer Castanheda Castanho Castaños Castejón Castel "Castel Branco" Castell Castellani Castellanos Castellblanch Castelli Castelló "Castelo or Castello" Caster Castilho Castilla Castille "Castillo I" "Castillo II" Castillon Castle "Castle (Pembrokeshire)" Castleman "Castlemartin (alias Grace, Pembrokeshire)" Castner Caston Castro Castro Caswallon "Catalá Catallán" Catanho "Catchmay (of Monmouthshire)" Catena Cater Caterall Catesby "Catharne (of Prendergast)" Cathcart Catherine Catlin Catta Cattaneo Cattell Catton Caudron Caumont Causton Cavalcanti Cavaleiro Cavalier Cave Cavendish Cavero Cavia Caviedes Caw "Cay or Kay" Cayuela Cazier Cazorla Cea Ceballos Cecchi Cecchini "Cecil (of Skenfrith, Monmouthshire)" Cecile Cecill Celis Cellier Cellini "Celynin (AP RHIRID )" "Cenau (AP COEL GODEBOG)" Centeio Centelles Cepeda Cerda Cerdá "Cerda (de la)" Cerdán "Ceredig (Lord of Ceredigion)" Cerezo Cernache Cerón Cerqueira Cerutti Cerveira Cervera Chabaud Chabert Chabot Chabrier Chace Chacim Chacón Chadwick Chaillou Chaix Chalmers Chaloner "Chaloner (of Denbighshire)" Chamberlayn Chambers Chambers "Chambers (of Denbighshire)" Chambon Chamorro Champagne Champion Champion "Champs (des)" Chancellor Chancey Chandler Chane Chanoca Chanocca Chanteloup "Chantrel (of Rhuddlan, Flint)" Chantrell Chapelain "Chapelle (de la)" Chapín Chaplan Chaplin Chapman Chapman Chapon Chappell Chapuis Charbonneau Charbonnel Charbonnier Chardon Charette Charles Charles Charles Charlet Charlier Charlot Charnell "Charnock (e)" Charon Charpentier Charrier Charteris Chartier Charvet "Chastel (du)" "Château (du)" "Châtel (du)" Châtelain Chatelet Châtillon Chattan Chatterton Chaucer Chaudet Chaumont Chauveau Chauvel Chauvet Chauvin Chaves Chaves Chávez "Chemin (du)" Cheney Chenier Chenu "Chepstowe (Monmouthshire)" "Cherleton (or Charlton-Lords of Powys)" Cheron Chery "Chesne (du)" Chesneau Chesnel "Chesnes (des) ou Desquesnes" Chessells Chester Chesterfield Chesworth "Chevalier I" "Chevalier II" Chevrier Cheyne Chichester Chico Chicote Chiesly Child Childers Chilton Chirac Chirnside Chiron Chisholm Cholet Cholmeley Chopin Chowne Chrétien Christall Christian Christie Christophe Chupin Churchill Churchman Chute Ciccarelli Cieza Cifuentes Cigala "Cilmin (TROED-DDU)" Cima Cipriani Cirne Cisneiros Cisneros Cisternas Ciurana Claire Clapham Claraco Claramunt Clare "Clare (Lords of Glamorgan)" Claret Clariana "Clark (or Clerk)" Clarke "Clarke (of Flint)" Clarkeson Clarksone Claude Claudet Claussen Clavel Claver Claver Clavering Claverol Clavier Clavijo Claxton Clay Clayhills Clayton "Cleare (Dublin)" Cleaver Clegg Cleghorn Cleland Clement "Clement (of Cardiganshire)" "Clement I" "Clement II" Clemente Clemente Clementi "Clements (Leitrim)" Clench "Clephan or Clephane" "Clerc (le) I" "Clerc (le) II" "Clercq (de)" Clermont Clifford "Clifford (of Herefordshire)" Clifton Clinton "Clinton (Louth)" "Clive or Cleve" Cloarec "Cloddien (AP GWYBEDYDD)" "Clogstoun or Clogston" Clopton Clos "Clos (du)" Close Clouet Clough "Clough (of Denbighshire)" Cloutier Clunes Clyton Coane Coates Cobb Cobell Cobham Cobos Coburg Coche Cochet Cochrane Cock Cockburn Cocke Cocker Cockie "Cocks or Cocke" "Cocq (le)" Codd "Codd (Wexford)" Coe "Coedmor (Baron of, Cardiganshire)" "Coel (or Coilus, self declared King of Britain)" Coelho Coello "Coetmor (of Llanllechid, Caernarfonshire)" "Coety (Lords of Coety, Glamorganshire)" Coeur Coffin "Cogan (of Cogan, Glamorgan)" "Cogan or Gogan" Coghill Cogominho Coimbra "Coin (du)" Colaço Colas Colbert Colby Cole "Cole (Kildare)" Coleman "Colepeper or Culpeper" Coley "Colin I" "Colin II" Coll "Coll (of Pembrokeshire)" Collantes Collard Collard "Collen or Collings" Colless Collet Collett Collier Collignon Collin Collingwood Collins Collinson Collison Collow Coloma Colomb Colombier Colomer Colomina Colón Colonna Colquhoun Colshil Colston Colt "Colt or Coult" Colton Columbo Colvile Colville Combe Combe "Combe (de la)" Combes Comeau "Comerford (Wexford)" Comes Compagnon Company Compton "Comrie or Comrey" "Comte (le) I" "Comte (le) II" Comyn "Con or Conn" Conde Condon "Congilton or Congalton" Congreve Conrad "Conroy or O'Mulconry" Constable Constant Constantin "Constantius (or Constantine)" "Conte (le)" Conti Contreiras Contreras Conway "Conwy (of Bodrhyddan, Flint)" Conyers Cook "Cook (e)" "Cooke (Kilkenny)" "Cooke (Sir Walter, through marriage)" Cookesey Cookson Cooper Cooper Coote Cope Copeland Copin Copinger "Copland or Copeland" Copley Copons Coppinger Coppola "Coq (le)" Cor Corbet Corbet "Corbet (of Cawrse, Montgomeryshire)" "Corbet (Shropshire, Medieval Welsh Rolls)" Corbin "Corbin or Corben" Corcuera Cordeiro Cordell Corder "Cordero I" "Cordero II" Cordes Cordier Cordon Cordonnier Córdova "Córdova I" "Córdova II" Cordovil Corelha Corella Corella Corelli Corey "Corineous (Duke of Cornwall, Companion of Brutus)" Cormier Cornell Cornellá Cornet "Cornewall (Barons of Burford)" Cornish Cornu Cornwall Coronado Coronel Corrado Corral "Corre (le)" Correa Correia "Corrie (Corry)" "Corry (Earl of Belmore)" Corsar Corsby Corser Corstophine Corte-Real Cortés Cortês Cortina Corvacho Corveira Corvera Cossé Cosson Costa Costa "Coste (de la)" Costello "Cota or Cotta" Cotera Cotrim Cottin Cotton Cotton Cottrell Couceiro Couderc Coudert Coudray Coulon Coulson Couper "Cour (de la)" "Cournoyer (Hertel de)" "Court (de la)" Courtin Courtney Courtois Courvoisier Cousin "Cousin (s) or Cosyn" Cousland Coutinho Couto Couttant Coutts Couturier Covell Coventry "Cowan or Coun" Coward Cowley Cowley "Cowlson or Coulson" Cowper "Cowryd (AP CADFAN)" Cox Cox "Cox (of Norton, Monmouthshire)" "Coys (of Great Llanmelin, Monmouthshire)" "Crab or Crabbe" Crabbie Craddock "Cradock (of Newton, Pembrokeshire)" "Cradock (of Swansea)" "Craigdaillie or Craigdallie" Craigge "Craigie (or Craig)" Craigmyle Craik Cramer Cramond "Crane I" "Crane II" Cranfield Cranmer Cranstoun Cranwell Crato Craven Craw Crawford Crawley Creagh Creed "Creigh or Creich" Crema Crepin Crespi Crespi Crespin Crespo "Cressey or Cressy" Creswell Creswick Creton "Crevequer (or Crevecoeur, Flint)" "Crew (of Holt, Denbighshire)" Crewe Crichton Criery "Crinan or Cringan" Crispe Crispin Cristiani Croce Crockett "Crocq (du)" Croe Croft Crofton "Croix (de la)" Croke Croke "Croke or Crink" Cromer "Cromie or Crombie" Crompton Cromwell "Crook (e)" "Cros (du)" Crosbie "Crosbie (Queen's Co.)" Crosley Cross Cross Crossman "Crothers (Tyrone)" Crouzet "Crow or Crowe" Crowder Crowther Croxton Cruickshank Crull "Crumbe or Crumbie or Crombie" Crump Cruz "Cuadra or Quadra" Cuadrado Cuartas Cubelos Cubillos Cuéllar Cuenca Cuervo Cueva Cuevas "Cuhelyn (FARDD -of Cemais, Pembrokeshire)" "Cuhelyn (OF MOCHNANT, Denbighshire)" "Culane or Culline" Cullen Cullow Cumberland Cumming "Cunedda (WLEDIG)" Cunha Cunliffe Cunningham "Cuny (of Welston, Pembrokeshire)" Curling "Currel or Curle" Curren Currie Currie Curror Curson Curti Curtis "Cusack (Meath)" Cushney Cusson Cuthbert Cutlas Cutts Cuvelier Cuvilliers "Cwrtais (Courteys, Curthoyse, Curtis)" "Cydifor (AP DINAWAL)" "Cydifor (AP SELYE -King of Dyfed)" "Cydifor (FAWR)" "Cyffin (or Kyffin, of Oswestry)" "Cylynin (of Powys)" "Cynan (AB ELFYW -Father of Marchudd)" "Cynan (AB IAGO)" "Cynchwr (lord, of Ireland)" "Cynfelyn (AP DOLFFIN)" "Cynfin (AP GWERYSTAN)" "Cynwrig (FYCHAN -or CWNWS DDU)" "Cynwrig (SAIS)" Dacre Dade "Dafydd (AP CARADOG)" "Dafydd (AP LLYWELYN -Lord of Denbighshire)" Dagès "Dagget (t)" Daile Dalby "Dalden (of Penarth, Glamorgan)" Dale Dalgleish Dallas Dalling Dallmer Dalmahoy Dalmonte Dalrymple Dalton Dalton "Dalton (Sir Richard of Althorp, through marriage)" Dalzell Damiani Danbury Danby Dance "Dancey or Dancy" Dandini Dandolo Dandridge Dandy Dane "Danford (Monmouthshire)" Daniel Danieli Daniell Daniell Danielston "Dannere or Danner" Dansa Danskine D'Anvers Darby Darcy D'Arcy "Dardes or Dardis" Dare Darley "Darley (Dublin)" Darling Darnell Darras Darrell Darroch Darwin Dash Dashwood Dato Dauer Daunt Dauphin Davenport "Davenport (Cheshire and of Denbighshire)" David Davidson Davies "Davies (of Caerhun, Caernarfonshire)" "Davies (of Chester)" "Davies (Robert of Gwysanau, Flint)" Davis "Davis (Kildare)" Davy Dawes "Dawkin (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire)" "Dawkins (of Laugharne, Carmarthenshire)" Dawney Dawson Dawson "Dawson (Derry)" Day "Daylwyn (or Bushe)" Dayton Deacon "Dean (e)" "Dean (Galway)" "Dean (of Marcross, Glamorgan)" Deans Dearman Deas "Dease (Westmeath)" Deasy Decker Dee Deering "Dehany or Doheny" "Deheubarth (South Wales, Princes of)" Dehn "Delabere (of Kinnersley and Tibberton, Herefordshire)" "DeLacy or Lacy" Delafield Delahay Delahay "Delahay (of Breconshire)" "Delahyde (Meath)" Delamare "Delamare (of Oxwich, Gower)" Delamere "Delap or O'Lappin (Donegal)" Delfín Delfini Delgadillo Delgado Delgado Delicado Delmas Delorme Delvecchio Delves Dempster Den "Deneband (or DENEBAUD, of Gwent)" Denham Denham Denis Denman "Denn (Kilkenny)" Denner Dennis "Dennis (or DENNYS, DENEYS, Glamorgan)" "Dennis (Waterford)" Dennistoun Denny Denny Dent Dente Denton Denver Derby Dering Dern Derrien Dersch Desboch Desbois Deschamps Desgüell Deshayes Desjardins Desmarais Despí Desprez Despuig Despujol Devaux Devereux "Devereux (of Weobley, Herefordshire)" "Devereux (Wexford)" "Devers or Deveris" Deville Devos Dewald Dewar Dewhurst "Dewi Sant (Saint David)" Deza Diago Diamond "Dias I" "Dias II" "Díaz I" "Díaz II" Dick "Dick (Antrim and Derry)" Dickinson Dickman Dickmann "Dicksen or Dickson" Dickson Dickson "Dickson (Dublin)" Didier Diebold Diego Diehl Dietrich Dietz Díez Diezma Digby "Digby (Dublin)" Diller "Dillon (Westmeath)" "Dinawal (Descended from Tydwal Gloff)" Dingwall Dini Diosdado Dirom Dishington Disney "Disney (Armagh)" Ditmar Dixon "Dixon (Dublin)" Dobb Dobbie "Dobbin (Armagh)" "Dobbs or Dobbes" Doblas Dobson "Dobyns or Dobbins" "Dod (d)" Dodd Dodge Dodington Dodson Dodsworth Dodwell Doeg Dogaldo Dogget "Dolben (of Segrwyd, Denbighshire)" Dolby Dolce Dolcetti Dolci Dolcini Doliva Dolling Dolman Domecq Doménech Domenici Domingo Dominguez Don Don "Don (or Donne-of Utkington, Cheshire)" Donaire Donald Donaldson Donat Donati Doncel Doni Donini Donis Donoso Doppler Dorante Dorcas Doré Doría Dória Dóriga Doring Dormer "Dormer (Wexford)" Dorn Dorset "Dorset (Sackvile)" Dosma Dosrius Dot Dotti Dotto Doubleday Doucet Dougall Doughty Douglas Dove Dover Dow Dowall Dowall "Dowdall (Dublin and Louth)" Dowman Downes Downes "Downie or Downy" Downing "Dowse or Douse" Drach Dragão Drago Drago Drake "Drake (Wexford)" Draper Drax Draycott Drayton Drechsler Dreghorn Dressler Drever Drew Droste Drouet Drouin Dru Drummond Drury "Drury or MacDrury (Carlow)" Dryden "Dryhurst (of Denbighshire)" Drysdale Duarte Dubé "Dubois I" "Dubois II" Dubost Dubourg Dubreuil "Duc (le)" Duchemin Duchesne Duckett Duclos Duddington Dudley Dueñas Duero Duff Duffield Dufour Dugdale Dugué Duguid Duhamel Dujardin Duke Dulce Dumas Dumay Dumbreck Dumont Dumoulin Dun "Dun (or DONNE, Sir Daniel)" Dunbar Duncan Duncanson Duncombe Dundas Dunlop Dunning Dunse "Dunsmure or Dunmure" Dunston Dupin Duplessis Dupont Duprat Dupré Dupuis Dupuy Duque Duquesne Durán Durand Durant Durant "Durant (of Redwick, Monmouthshire)" Durão Durazzo Durer Duret Durham Durham Durie Durieux "Duriez (Riez (du))" During Durr Durward Dutertre Duthie Dutton "Dutton (of Dutton of Cheshire)" "Duval (Val (du) I" "Duval (Val (du) II" "Dwnn (DON of Croesallgwn, Carmarthenshire)" Dyer "Dyer (of Haverfordwest, Carmarthenshire)" "Dyer (of Pembrokeshire)" "Dyfnwal (MOELMUD)" "Dyfrig (Dubricius, Saint)" Dyson Eades "Eagar (Kerry)" Eaglesham Eardley "Earley or Erly" East Easton "Easton or Eiston" Eastwood Eaton Eberhard Ebert Eça Eccles Eccleston Echagüe Echániz Echanove Echávarri Echeberría Echegaray Echenique "Echevarría or Echebarría" Echingham Echlin "Echlin (Kildare)" Écija Eckfoord Eckhardt Eckley Eden Edgar Edgar Edge Edgell "Edie or Edy" Edington "Edmond (AP MERYTH)" Edmonds Edmonstone Edmunds "Ednyfed (FYCHAN)" "Ednywain (AP BRADWEN)" "Ednywain (BENDEW)" Edward "Edward (AP JOHN WYNN AB IEUAN)" "Edward (AP RHYS)" "Edwards (of Chirk, Denbighshire)" "Edwards (Wicklow)" "Edwards I" "Edwards II" "Edwin (AP GRONWY -King of Tegeingl)" "Edwin (Wales)" Egea Egerbide Egerton Eglington Eguía Eguino Eguizábal Eguren Eichel Eichmann "Eidio (WYLLT -Lord of Llywel, Breconshire)" "Einion (AP CARADOG)" "Einion (AP CELYNIN -of Llwydiarth)" "Einion (SAIS -AP RHYS AP HYWEL)" "Einudd (GWERNGWY -of Dyffryn Clwyd)" Eisenhardt Eissner Eizaga Eizaguirre "Elbeth (William, Lord of, or d'Elboeuf)" Elcano Elder Eldred Eleizalde Elejalde "Elfinn (AP GWYDDNO)" Elford Elgorriaga Elguezábal Elía "Elian (GEIMIAD, Saint)" Elicott "Elidir (DDU -Sir, knight of the Sepulchre)" Elingham Elío Eliot "Eliot (of Erwer, Pembrokeshire)" Elizalde Elizondo Ellerker Elliot "Elliott (Dublin)" Ellis Ellis Ellis "Ellis (of Alrhe, Flint)" Ellison Elliston Ellwood "Ellys (of Denbighshire)" "Elme or Ellem" Elmer Elordi Elorriaga Elorza Elphinstone Elsner Elton "Elvin or Elwin" Elwes "Elwood (Mayo)" "Elystan (GLODRYDD)" Emerson Emery Emiliani Emmet "Emsley or Emslie" Ena "Encinas or Encina" Enciso Engel Engelberg Engelberger Engelbrecht English "English (Dublin)" "Enlli (of Lleyn)" "Ennis (Westmeath)" "Enríquez I" "Enríquez II" Entenza Entralgo "Epps or Epes" Epstein Ercilla Erhard Ernst "Ernulph (of Brynbuga, Monmouthshire)" Errea Errington Erskine Erskine Erthe Erwin Escalada Escalante Escalera Escalona Escama Escamilla Escobar "Escobar or Escovar" Escoffier Escolano Escrivá Escudeiro Escudero Esmeraldo Esmond "Esmonde (Wexford)" Esneau Espada Espargosa Esparza Espasa Esper Esperon Espés Espigol Espín "Espinar (de l')" Espínola "Espínola or Spinola" Espinosa "Espínosa I" "Espínosa II" Esplugues Esposito Esquerdo Esquerrer Esquivel Esquível Essen Essex Essington Esslinger Estaña Estañol Este Esteban Estébanez Estela Estella Estève Esteves Estévez Estrada Ethlington Étienne Eugeni "Eure (Commander of Slebech, Pembrokeshire)" "Eustace (Viscount Baltinglass)" Eva Evangelho Evangelisti "Evans (of Chester)" "Evans (of Is-coed, Flint)" "Evans (of Montgomeryshire)" "Evans (Wales)" Even Everard "Everard (Meath)" Everett Everhard Everingham Evers Evers "Evers (Wexford)" Everton Eves Evett Evrard Ewald Ewart Ewing "Exmewe (of Ruthin, Denbighshire)" "Eynon (of Norchard, Pembrokeshire)" Eyre "Eyre (Galway)" "Eyton (of Denbighshire)" "Ezperun or Esperón" Ezquerra Fabbri Fabbrini Faber Faber Fabian Fabianni Fabra Fabre Fábregas Fabris Fafes Fagan "Fages or Faguez" Fagnani Fagundes Fair "Fairbairn or Fairburn I" "Fairbairn or Fairburn II" Fairfax Fairfax Fairfield "Fairfowl or Fairfoul" Fairholm Fairlie Fairweather Faivre Fajardo Fajardo Falcão Falce Falcés Falck "Falcó or Falcón" Falcon Falconer Falconer Falconi Falkenberg "Falkiner (Tipperary)" Falkner Fall "Falls (Dublin)" Falshaw Fane Fañez "Fanning (Tipperary and Waterford)" Fano Fanshaw "Fant or Fonte" Fantini Faria Faria Farie Farina Farinha Farley Farmer Farnese Farnham Faro Farquhar Farquharson Farrant "Farrar or Ferror" Farrés "Farrier (of Carmarthenshire)" Farrington Fatta Fattori Faucher Faure Faust Favereau Favier Favre Fawcett "Fawside or Fawsyde" Fayolle Fazenda Febrer Fedelli Federer Federici Fehr Feijó Feijóo "Feio or Feyo" Felber Feld Feld Felgeira Felgoso Felici Feliciani Feliú Félix Fell Fellowes Feltham Felton Fender Fenn Fenner Fennison Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenwick Fenzi Feo Fera Ferber Fergusson Fernandes "Fernández I" "Fernández II" Ferne Fernie "Feron or Ferron" Ferra Ferrá Ferráez Ferragut Ferrán Ferrand Ferrández Ferrándiz Ferrando Ferrante Ferranti Ferrão "Ferrar (Bishop of St David’s)" "Ferrari (or Ferraro)" Ferraz "Ferraz or Farraz" Ferré Ferreira Ferrer Ferrer Ferrera Ferrers Ferretti Ferri Ferrier Ferrier Ferris Ferro Ferrús Ferry Fetherstone Fettes "Fèvre (le)" Fevrier Fidalgo Field "Field (Dublin)" Fielding Fieldler Fierro Fievez Fife Figini Figueira Figueiredo Figueiroa "Figueras or Figuera" Figueroa Figuerola Filangeri Filera Filipe Filippini Fillion Fin Finch Finck "Findlay or Finlay" Fines Fines Finglas Finkel Finlayson Finnie Fioravanti Fiore Fiorenza Fioriani Fiorini Fiorio Fisch Fischer Fish "Fishborn or Fishburn" Fisher Fisher "Fisher (Cork)" "Fisher (of Carmarthenshire)" Fitch Fithie Fitton "Fitzalan (alias Viell)" Fitz-Allen Fitz-Awry Fitz-Edmonds Fitz-Eustace Fitz-Garrett Fitz-Gerald Fitz-Gibbon "Fitzhamon (conquered Glamorgan)" Fitz-Harris "Fitzharry (of Wales)" Fitz-Henry "Fitzhenry (of Pembrokeshire)" Fitz-Herbert Fitzjohn Fitz-John Fitz-Maurice Fitz-Nicoll Fitz-Oliver "Fitzpain (of Llanfair, Monmouthshire)" Fitz-Patrick Fitz-Pearce Fitz-Rery Fitz-Rice Fitz-Rith Fitz-Roe Fitz-Row Fitz-Simons "Fitzwarin (Lords of Whittington)" Fitz-William Flamand Flament Flanders Fleche Fleet Fleetwood Flegg Fleischmann Fleisher Fleming Fleming Fleming "Fleming (of Flimston, Glamorgan)" Fletcher Fletcher "Fletcher (of Denbighshire)" "Fletcher (of Treborth, Caernarfonshire)" "Fleury I" "Fleury II" "Fleury or Furey" Flint Flint "Flint (lord of)" "Floc'h (le)" "Flood (Kilkenny)" Flor Florani Flores "Flórez or Flóres" Florio "Flory or Fleury" "Flower (s)" "Floyd or Fludd" "Fludd (Thomas, of Kent, family of Welsh origin)" Fogaça "Fogg (e)" Fogo Foios Foley Foliot "Folliott (Sligo)" Fonseca Fonseca Fonseca Font Fontaine "Fontaine (de la)" "Fontaine I" "Fontaine II" Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontaneda Fontanella Fonte Fonte Fontecilla Fontes Fontes Foord Foote Forbes Forcia Ford Ford Forde "Forden (of Forden, Montgomeryshire)" Fordham Fordyce Fordyce Forest "Forest (de la)" Forestier "Forge (de la)" Forman Forman Fornari Forner "Fornier or Fournier" Forrest Forrester "Forstall (Kilkenny)" Forster "Forster or Foster" Forsyth Fort "Fort (of Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire)" Fortescue Forth "Fortin I" "Fortin II" Fortuna Fortuño Fortuny Forward Foschi Fotheringham "Foucault I" "Foucault II" Foucher Fougère "Fouler or Fowler" Foulis "Foulkes (of Ereifiad, Denbighshire)" "Foulkes (Wales)" Foulon Fountain Fouquet "Four (du)" Fourcade Fournier "Fowell or Vowell" Fowler "Fowler (Daughter m. Vaughan of Pant-glas)" "Fownes (Kilkenny)" Fox "Fox or Sionnach" Foxall "Foxall (of Foxall, Denbighshire)" Foxley "Foxley (Hugh, m. Margaret Pigot)" "Foxwith (of Caernarfonshire)" Frade Fraga Fragoso Fraguas Fraisse Frampton "Franc (le)" França "France (de) " "France (de) or Lafrance" Frances Frances Franceschi Franceschini Francey Franchi Francini Francis Franck Francken Franco Franco Franco "Francois I" "Francois II" Francone Frank Frank "Frank or Franke" "Frankland or Franklin" "Franklin (of Gower)" "Frankton (Daughter m. Madog Kynaston)" Franz Fraser "Fraser of Lovat" Fratta Frazão Frechillo Frederick Freebairn Freeland Freeman "Freeman (Cork)" Freeney Freer Freire Freire Freitag Freitas Freke Freke Frémont French French French Frene "Freniere or Lafreniere" "Fresne (du)" Fresneda Frey Freyberg Freyer Freymann Freysinger Frías Friederich Friedrich Frielas Frier Fries Friesell Friesen Friess Frigola Fritsch Fritz Fröhlich Fróis Froment Fromm Frost Frotas Frutos "Fry or Frye" Fryer "Fryer (Clare)" Fuchs Fuentes Fuertes Fuhrmann "Fulbach (or Filbech of Marloes, of Pembrokeshire)" Fulford "Fullam (Dublin)" Fuller "Fuller (Kerry)" Fullerton Fulton Fulton "Fulton (Antrim)" Funck Funes "Furlong (Wexford)" Furst Furstenberg Furtado Fusco Fuster "Fyan (Dublin)"

"G - K" " " Gabel Gabelman Gabriel Gabriel "Gabriel or De Gabriel" Gabrieli Gachineiro Gadsby Gaetani Gage Gagliardi Gagne Gagnon Gago Gaillard Gaines Gainsford Gaio Gaioso Gair Gair Gaitán "Galalón or Galaón" Galán Galarza "Galbán or Galván" "Galbraith (Donegal)" Galbreath Galdeano Galdós "Gale or Gall" Galeano Galego Galen Galhardo Galicia Galindo Gallais Galland Gallant Gallard Gallard Gallardo Gallart "Gallay or Galley" "Gallego or Gallegos" Gallesi Gallet Galletti Galli Galliani Gallina Gallo Gallo Gallois Gallop Galloway Galluzzi Galvani Galvão Gálves Galvete Gálvez Galwey Gama Gama Gamack Gamage "Gamage (lords of Llanfihangel, Monmouthshire)" Gamarra Gamboa Gamboa "Gambon or Gamon" "Gámez or Gámiz" Gammell Gançoso Gándara Gandini Gandolfi Ganser "Gant or Gaunt" Ganz Gaona Garategui Garavito Garay Garayo Garbo Garção Garcés Garcês García "García I" "García II" "García III" Garcífuentes Garcini Gardener Gardiner "Gardiner or Garner" Gardini Gardner Gardosa "Gardyne or Garden" Garelli Garfield Gargallo Garganti Gargollo Garin Garioch Garland Garmston "Garnault dit Garneau" Garnett "Garnier I" "Garnier II" "Garnier or Garner" "Garnons (of Garnons, Herefordshire)" Garofalo "Garrard or Garratt" Garreau "Garrett (Dublin)" Garrick Garrido Garro Garroway Garroway Garter Garth Garth Gartner Garton Gartshore Garvie "Garvine or Girvan" "Garza or Garzo" Garzón Gascoyne Gaskell Gasnier "Gasnier or Gagné" Gaspari Gasparini Gasser Gassner Gates Gato Gatti Gaubert Gaudin Gauthier Gautier Gavião Gavilán Gavine Gaviria Gay Gay "Gay dit Castonguay" Gayangos Gayer Gayola Gayre Gaztelu Geare Geary Gebhardt Ged Geddes Gedding "Gedney or Gidney" Gee Geffroy Gehring Geiger Geisler Gelabert Gelida Gell Geller Gellie Gemell Genet "Genillin (FARCHOG, Caernarfonshire)" Genin Gent Gentil Gentil Gentile Geoffroy George George George "George (OWEN HARRY, Pembrokeshire)" Georges "Geraldes or Giraldes" Gerard Gérard "Gerard (of Cheshire, Daughter m. Wynn of Gwydir)" Gerardi Geremia Gerhard Gerini Gerino Gerlach Germain "Germain or Germyn" Gernon "Gernon (Meath)" Gervais "Gervais or Jervois (Tyrone)" Gervis "Gervis (of Ruthin, Denbighshire)" Gessner "Gethin (a soldier in Normandy in 1430’s)" Ghetti Ghiberti Giacobbi Giacomelli Giacomini Gianni Giannini Giannuzzi Gib "Gibbon (of Glamorgan)" Gibbons Gibbs "Gibbs (Cork)" Gibert Gibson Gibson "Gibson (Carlow)" Gicquel Gideon "Giffard or Gifford" Gifford Gifford Gigli Giglio Giglioti Gijón Gil Gil Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert "Gilbert (Dublin)" Gilchrist Giles "Giles (Glamorgan-formerly Juel or Joel)" "Giles or Gyles" Gilford Gill Gill Gillam Gilles Gillespie Gillet Gillett Gillis "Gillman (Cork)" Gillon Gillot Gilman "Gilman (Claims descent from Cilmin Troed-ddu)" Gilmour Gilpin "Giménez I" "Giménez II" Ginebra Ginovés Giordani Giordano Giorgi Giovanelli Giraldo Giralt Girão Girard Girardot Giraud Girault Girdler Girolami Girón Girona Gironella Gispert Gist Giudici Giuliani Giunta Giuntini Giusti Giustiniani Gladstone Gladwin "Glanvile or Glanville" "Glascock or Glascott" Glaser Glasford Glasgow "Glasier or Glazier" "Glass or Glaster" "Gleg (of Cheshire)" "Gleg or Glegg" Glegg Gleig Glen Glen Glendinning "Glennon or Glenane (Mayo)" Glisson Gloag "Gloucester (mother was heiress to Fitzhamon)" Glover Glyn "Glynne (of Glynllifon, Caernarfonshire)" Gobbi Göbel Gobert "Goch (or Gough-of Wodberye, Devonshire)" Godard Godart Goddard Goddart Godden Godefroy Godet Godfrey "Godfrey or MacGoffrey (Kerry)" Godin Godínez Godinho Godins Godolfim Godoy Godoy Goerts Goetz Goicoechea "Going or MacGowan (Tipperary)" Goiri Gois Gold "Gold (of Oswestry, Shropshire)" Goldesborough Goldie Golding Goldsmith Goldsworthy Goldwell Golfín Golia "Gollwyn (AB EDNYWAIN, Lord of Bryn)" Gomar Gomes "Gómez I" "Gómez II" "Gómez III" Gomide Gonçalves "Gondon dit Gandon" Góngora Goñi Gonzaga González Gonzalo Gooch Good Goodall Goodchild Goodenough "Goodenough (or Gwdinwch, of Caernarfonshire)" Gooding Goodlet Goodman "Goodman (of Ruthin, Denbighshire)" Goodrich Goodridge Goodwin Goodyear Gordon Gore "Gore (Donegal)" Goring Gorizo Gorney Gorostidi Gorostiza "Gorrie or Gorry" Gorton "Gosling or Goselyn" Gosselin Gosset Gotor Gotti Gough Gough "Gough (of Chester c.1481)" Goujon Gould Gould "Gould or Goold" Goulding "Goulding or O'Goilin" Gourlay Gouveia Govan "Gowdie or Gowdy" Gower Gowland "Goya I" "Goya II" Goyanes Goyeneche Gozzi Grã Grace "Grace (Kilkenny)" "Grace (of Glamorgan)" Graciani Graden Graff Grafton "Grafton (of Carew, Pembrokeshire)" Graham "Graham or Grahan (Armagh)" Grainger "Grainger (Waterford)" Gralho Gramaxo Gramunt Granada Granada "Grand (le) I" "Grand (le) II" "Grande or Grandes" "Grandin or Grondin" Grandison Grandjean Grange "Grange (de la)" Grangers Granier Grant "Grant (Down)" "Grant (of Llwyn-y-grant, Glamorgan)" Grantham Grantham "Granville (Richard de, Founder of Neath Abbey)" "Gras (de)" Grassi Grasso "Grave (s)" "Gravenor (or Gosvenor)" Gray "Gray (of Abergavenny)" "Gray or Grey" Graziani Grazioli Grazzini Greaves Greco Gredon Green Greenall Greene Greenfield Greenlaw Greenlees Greenough Greenstreet Greenway Greenwell Greenwood "Greer (Tyrone and Antrim)" Gregg Grégoire Gregori Gregorio Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregson Greig Greiner Grenier Greppi Gresham "Grey (of Ruthin-lords of Dyffryn Clwyd)" "Grey (or Gray- lords of Powys)" "Grey or Gray" Grierson "Grierson 2" Grieve Grieve "Griffin (of Penrith-anglicized form of Gruffudd)" "Griffin (Prince of North Wales)" "Griffin I" "Griffin II" "Griffith (Derry)" "Griffith (of Penrhyn, descended from Gwilym )" "Griffith (Wales)" Griffiths Griffo Grillo Grimaldi Grimaldo Grimaud "Grimes I" "Grimes II" Grimm Grimond "Grimsditch (of Rhuddlan, Flint)" Grimshaw Grimsted Grimston Grimwood Gritti Groeller "Gronwy (ab Einion, ap Llywarch)" "Gronwy (Fychan, of Anglesey)" "Gronwy (GOCH-of Llangathen, Carmarthenshire)" Gros "Gros (le)" "Grosett or Grosset" Grosjean Gross Gross Grossmann Grosso Grosso Grosvenor Grotta Grove Grove Grubb Gruben Gruber "Gruffudd (AP MADOG-of Nannau, Merionethshire)" "Gruffudd (FYCHAN Sir, of Powys, of Boniarth)" Grumley Grün Grundy Grüner Grünewaldt Grymsby Guadagni Guadalajara Gualdi Guarda Guàrdia Guardiola Guedes "Guéguen (Guégant)" Guérin Guerra Guerra Guerreiro Guerrero Guerrieri Guerry Guest Guevara Guevara Guibert Guichard Guidi Guignard Guillaud Guillaume Guillemet Guillemin Guillemot Guillén Guillet "Guillim (of Westbury, Gloucester)" Guillon Guillot Guillou Guimarães Guinart Guiot "Guirao or Guirado" Guiraud "Guise or Guy" Guitarra Guitton Gullan Gundar Gunn Gunning "Gunter (of Tregunter and Gilston, Breconshire)" Günther Gurney Gurrea Gurruchaga Gusmão Gutenberg Guthrie Gutiérrez Gutmann "Guttyns (from Einion ap Gollwyn)" Guy Guyard Guyon Guyot Guzmán "Gwair (AP DWG AP LLYWARCH HENJ)" "Gwaithfoed (of Ceredigion or Fawr)" "Gwaithfoed (of Powys)" "Gwallter (or Walter, AP JOHN)" "Gwarin (DDU, Monmouthshire)" "Gwehelor (lord of Llantrisaint, Monmouthshire)" "Gweirydd (AP RHYS GOCH, Anglesey)" "Gwenwynwyn (AB OWAIN CYFEILIOG)" "Gwilym (AP DAFYDD-of Senghenydd, Glamorgan)" "Gwion (BENARW, Ap Gwion Sais, ap Heilin)" "Gwrgant (FARFDRWCHF, Monmouthshire)" "Gwrtheyrn (GWRTHENEU, King of the Britons)" "Gwrwared (AP GWILYM)" "Gwyn (AP GWAITHFOED, of Castell-gwyn)" "Gwyn (Sir John, of Trewyn)" "Gwyn or Gwynne" "Gwynn (Cork)" "Gwynn (of Glamorganshire)" Haan Haas Habsburg Hack Hacke Hacker Hacket Hackett Hadden Hadden "Hadderwick or Hedderwick" Haddock Haddon "Haddow or Haddock" "Hadfield or Hatfield" Hadley "Hadsor (Louth)" Hadwick "Haes or Hasse" Haffner "Hagar (Sir David, lord of the Hygar)" Hagen Hager Haggard Haggard Hahn Haig Haig "Haines or Haynes" Hair Hairstans "Haitlie or Hatlie" Hake Halcro Haldane Haldon Hales Haley Halford Halifax Halkerston Halkett Hall Hall "Hall (Down)" "Hall (of Pembrokeshire)" Haller Hallet Hallewell Halliday "Halliwell or Hollowell" Halloway Halls Halse Halsey Halsted Halton Halyburton "Hamden or Hampden" Hamel Hamelin "Hamelyn or Hamelin" Hamerton Hamilton "Hamilton (Down)" "Hamlin (Hamlinstown, Meath)" Hamm Hammer Hammer Hammersley "Hammes or Hames" Hammil Hammon Hammond "Hammond (Dublin)" Hamon Hampson Hampton "Hampton (mayor of Beaumaris, Anglesey)" Hanbury "Hanbury (of Pontypool, Monmouthshire)" Hanby "Hancock (e)" "Hand (Dublin)" Handel Handley Handyside Hanford Hanke "Hanmer (of Hanmer, Flint)" Hannay Hanning Hansard Hanson "Harcarse or Harcus" Harcourt Harder Hardgrave Hardie Harding Harding Hardman Hardouin Hardwick Hardy Hardy "Hardy or Hardiman (Dublin)" Hare Hare Harford "Harforth or Hafford" Hargrave Harington Harley Harling Harlow Harman "Harman or Harmon (Carlow)" "Harnett or Hartnett (Kerry)" Harnie Haro Harold "Harold (of Haroldston, Pembrokeshire)" "Harold or Harrell (Dublin)" Harper Harper "Harper (Derby and Wexford)" "Harrington or O'Haroughten" Harris "Harris (Cork)" "Harris I" "Harris II" Harrison "Harry (AP THOMAS)" Hart "Hart I" "Hart II" Hartford "Hartford (Sir Walter, of Pembrokeshire)" Hartley Hartmann "Hartsyde or Hartside" Hartwell Hartwig Harvey "Harvey or Hervey" "Harvey or Hervey" Harward Harwood Hase Hasel Haselwood Haskell Haskell "Haskins or Hoskins" Hastie Hastings Hastings Haswell Hatch "Hatch (Louth)" Hatcliffe "Hatfield (Dublin)" Hathaway Hathorn Hatley Hatton Hauer "Haughton or Houghton" Haupt Haus Hausen Hauser Hausmann "Havard (of Pontwilym, Breconshire)" "Haverfordwest (priory of)" Havering Havers Havilland Haward Hawes Hawke Hawkes Hawkesworth Hawkins "Hawkins or Haughan" Hawley "Haworth or Hayworth" Hawthorn Hay "Haya (lord Robert of Hay, Monmouth)" "Haydon or Heydon" "Haye (de la) I" "Haye (de la) II" Hayes "Hayes (Donegal)" Hayton "Hayward or Heyward" "Haywood or Heywood" Head Heald "Heard or Herd" "Hearon or Hearn (Drogheda)" Heath Heathcote Heather Heatley "Heatley (Waterford)" "Heaton (King's Co.)" "Heaton (of Lleweni Green, Denbighshire)" "Heaton or Heton" Hebden Hébert Hector "Hector (GADARN, The Strong)" Hedges Hedilla Hedley Heffner Heigh Heineken Heintze Heinz "Heleighe (Helegh, Heley of Flint)" Heller Heller Hellier Hellis Hellmann "Heming or Hemming" Hemingway "Henbury (of Denbighshire)" Hender "Hender (Desc. from Dafydd ap Dafydd ap Madog)" Henderson Hendrich Hendry Heneage Henkel Henley Hennequin Henning Henri "Henriques I" "Henriques II" Henry "Henry (AP GWILYM AP THOMAS)" Henshaw Hensley Henson Hepburn Hepburn Heppel "Heras or Hera" Herault "Herault I" "Herault II" Herbert Herbert "Herbert (1st Earl of Pembrokeshire)" "Herbert (King's Co.)" Heredia Herédia "Hereford or Hertford" "Hergest (Hargest, lord of Coston, Hereford)" Hering Heriot Herle "Herle (of Pembrokeshire)" Herman Hermann Hermosa Hermosilla "Hernández I" "Hernández II" Hernando Herne Herold Heron Heron Herrán "Herren or Herring" Herrera Herrero Herrick Herries "Hersey or Hershey" Herst Hertz Hervás Hervé Herzog Hesch Hesketh Hess Hessel Hessler Hessling Hetherington "Hetherington (King's Co.)" "Hewatt or Hewat" "Hewes or Hues" Hewitt "Hewitt or Howlett (Viscount Lifford)" Hewson "Hewson (Dublin)" Hewston Heyden Heydon Heyland Heyman Heymann Heynes "Heynes (of Stretton, Shropshire, ap John Heynes)" Heys Heyton Hibbert Hiccock(s) Hickes Hickman "Hickman (Clare)" "Hicks (Wicklow)" Hickson "Hickson (Kerry)" Hidalgo Hierro Higginbotham Higginbotham Higgins "Higgon (John Hygon of Carmarthenshire)" Higgs Higham Highfield Highmore Higuera Híjar Hildebrandt Hildyard Hill Hill "Hill (Down)" Hillary Hiller "Hilliard (Kerry)" "Hilliard or Hillier" Hillinger Hillman Hilton Hilton "Hilton (of Denbighshire)" Hinchcliffe Hinchley Hinchman "Hind (e)" Hinista Hinistrosa "Hinks or Hincks" Hinshaw Hinson Hinton Hirsh "Hirst or Hurst" Hislop Hitch Hitchcock Hitchins "Hoar (e)" "Hoare (Cork)" Hobart Hobbs Hobby Hobhouse Hobson "Hoby (of Radnor, Powys)" Hochberg Hochstetter "Hockleton (of Tre’rgarreg, Church Stoke)" Hockley Hocknell Hodge Hodges "Hodgkins or Hodgkinson" Hodgson Hodson "Hodson (Wicklow)" Hody Hoffer Hoffmann Hogarth Höger Hogg Hoggart Hogue Holbeche Holbrook Holcombe Holcroft Holden Holder Holford Holgado Holgate Holland Holland "Holland (of Conwy, Caernarfonshire)" Hollier Hollingsworth Hollis Holloway Holman "Holme (s) or Hulme" Holmes Holroyd "Holt I" "Holt II" Holtby "Holte or Holt" Holton Holtz Holtzman "Holywood (Meath and Kildare)" "Homan or Howman (Westmeath)" "Home or Hume" Homen Homer "Homil or Hummell" Hone Hone "Honeywill or Honeywell" Honoré Honyman Hood Hood "Hood (of Cemais, Pembrokeshire))" "Hook (e)" Hooker "Hooks (of Conwy, Caernarfonshire)" Hooper "Hoord (Daughter m. Gruffudd Kynaston)" "Hooton (lord of Hooton, Cheshire)" Hope "Hope (of Broughton, Flint)" "Hope (Westmeath)" "Hopkin (DAVID- of Dan-y-graig, Swansea)" Hopkins "Hopkins (Meath)" Hopkinson Hopkirk Hopper Hopton Hopwood "Hore (Wexford)" Hormiston Horn Horn "Horn or Horne" Hornbeck Hornby Horne Horner Hörner "Hornsby or Hornesby" Horsburgh "Horsely or Horsley" Horst Horta Horton "Horton (of Tre-gwynt, Granston, Pembrokeshire)" "Hoskins (of Monmouthshire)" "Hoton (or Houghton-of Pembrokeshire)" Hotton "Houghton (Wexford)" Houldsworth Houston "Houston (Down)" Howard "Howard (Wicklow)" Howart Howe "Howell (of Llys-y-fran, Pembrokeshire)" "Howell or Hovell" "Howison or Howlison" Howlett Hoyle "Hoyle or MacIlhoyle" Hoyos Huarte "Hubbard or Hubert" "Hubbertson (of Pembrokeshire)" Hubert Huchet "Huck (s)" Huddy Hudson Hue Hueber Huerta Huet Hugford Huggins Hughan "Hughes (Desc. from Hughes of Caernarfon)" "Hughes (Huys-of Llewerllyd, Diserth, Flint)" "Hughes (of Breconshire)" "Hughes (of Gwerclas, Merionethshire)" "Hughes (Tipperary)" "Hughes (Wales)" Huguet Huidobro Hull Hulse Hulton Humbert "Humfrey (s) or Humphreys" Hummel Hummell "Humphrey (AP JOHN AB IEUAN, Montgomeryshire)" Hundt Hungerford Hunt Hunt Hunter "Hunter (Londonderry)" "Huntingdon or Huntington" Huntingfield Huntley "Huntley (of Hadnock, Monmouthshire)" Huot Hurry Hurt Hurtado Hussey Husson Hutcheson Hutchings Hutchinson "Hutchinson or MacCutcheon (Dublin)" Hutten Hutton "Hutton I" "Hutton II" "Huw (AP LLYWELYN AP MAREDUDD)" "Huw (or Hughes, AB ELIS AP HARRY)" Huxley Hyatt Hyde "Hyde (Cork)" Hyslop "Hywel (AP DAFYDD AP THOMAS)" "Hywel (AP GRUFFUDD GOCH)" "Hywel (DDA, or Howell, King of Wales)" "Iarddur (AP CYNDDELW)" "Ibáñez I" "Ibáñez II" Ibargüen Ibarra Ibarrart Ibarrola Ibartola Ibbetson Ibiaga "Iddon (AP RHYS SAIS)" "Idnerth (GOCH, Ap Cadwagn )" "Idwal (IWRCH, Son of Cadwaladr Fendigaid)" "Iestyn (FARCHOG, ruler of Glamorgan)" "Ieuan (AP DAFYDD AP MADOG)" "Ieuan (AP GRUFFUDD)" "Ifor (HAEL, “the generous”)" Iglesia Illán Illesca Illey Imbert Imhof Imhof Impellizzeri Imperato Imperatore "Imperial (e)" Imperiale Impey "Imrie or Imbrie" Ince Indriago Infangati Infantas Infante Infanzón Inge Ingegneri Ingerham Ingham "Ingle (s)" Ingleby Ingledew Inglis Ingram Ingram "Íñiguez or Íñigo" Innes Inverarity Inwood "Iorwerth (AP DAFYDD)" "Iorwerth (SAIS)" Ippoliti Iracheta Iraeta Iranzo Iraola Irarrazabal Irby Ireland "Ireland (Kildare)" "Ireland (of Oswestry, Shropshire)" Ireton Ireton Iriarte Iribarne Iriberri Irizar Irland Irons Ironside Irujo Irureta Irvine "Irvine (Fermanagh)" Irving "Irwin (Fermanagh)" Isaac Isaacson Isasa Isasi Isham Isherwood Isla Isnardi "Ithel (ANWYL, Ap Bleddyn )" Iturbe Iturralde Iturriaga Ivan Ivers Ives Izquierdo Izzard Jaca Jack Jackman Jackson Jackson "Jackson (Mayo)" Jacob Jacob "Jacob (Dublin)" "Jacob I" "Jacob II" Jacobé Jacobi Jácome Jacquelin Jacquemin Jacques Jacquet Jacquier Jacquin Jacquot Jaén Jaffray Jäger "Jaime or Jaimes" "Jakes or Jaques" Jalón Jamar "James (AP RHYS AP MAREDUDD)" "James I" "James II" "Jameson (Galway)" Jamieson Jamin Jan "Janes or Janns (Dublin)" Janin Janson Janvier Jaouen Jara Jaramillo "Jardin (du)" Jardine Jarrett Jarry "Jarveis or Jarvis" Jarvie Jason Jaster "Jáuregui I" "Jáuregui II" Javier Jay Jay Jean "Jean (de)" Jeanneret Jeannin Jebb Jefferson Jeffrey Jeffrey "Jeffreys (Cork)" "Jeffreys (of Abercynrig, Breconshire)" "Jeffreys (Wales)" Jégou Jekyll Jenison Jenkes "Jenkes (of Wolverton, Shropshire)" "Jenkin (AP DAFYDD or JENKIN FYCHAN)" "Jenkin (AP RHYS AP GRUFFUDD)" Jenkins Jenkinson Jenner Jenner Jenney "Jennings I" "Jennings II" "Jennyns or Jennings" "Jenyson or Jenison (Down)" Jephson "Jephson (Dublin)" Jerez Jermyn Jervis "Jervis or Jervois (Dublin)" Jessop "Jessop (Longford)" "Jeune (le)" "Jewell or Jule" Jiménez Jimeno Joanes Joass Jobson Jocelyn Jofré "John (AP GWILYM AP RHYS)" "John (AP HARRY AP LLYWELYN)" "John (AP JENKIN AP MADOG)" Johns Johns "Johns (Sir Hugh, of Swansea)" Johnson "Johnson I" "Johnson II" "Johnston (Down)" Johnstone Joliffe Jolivet "Jolley or Jolly" Jolly "Jolly or Jolley" "Jolly or Joly" "Jonas (AP GRONWY)" "Jones (Kildare)" "Jones (of Abermarlais, Carmarthenshire)" "Jones (of Beaumaris, Anglesey)" "Jones (of Castell-march, Llanengan)" "Jones I" "Jones II" "Jones III (Wales)" Jopling Jopp Jordà Jordan Jordan Jordán "Jordan (Dublin)" Josse Josselin Jossey Jouan Joubert Jouffroy "Jourdain I" "Jourdain II" Jourdan Jouve Jove Joy Joyce Joyce "Joyce (Galway)" "Joyce (lords of Prendergast, Pembrokeshire)" Joyner "Joynt (Mayo)" Juan Juára Juárez Judd Judge "Judge or MacBreheny (Meath)" Júdice Judson Judson Julià Julien Jullien Junco Jung Jungen Junta Jurado Justice Justice Kaiser Kammerer Kammerling Kampe Kappel Karcher Karl Karr Katz Kauffmann Kavanagh Kay Kay Kayser "Keating or O'Keaty" Keats Keeling Keen Keen Keir Keirie Keith Kellam "Kellaway or Kelloway" Keller Kellermann Kellet "Kellett (Cork)" Kellner Kello Kelsall Kelsey Kelso Kemble Kemble "Kemeys (of Montgomeryshire)" Kemp Kemp Kemper Kempf Kempton Kenan Kendall Kendrick "Kenley (Drogheda)" Kennard Kennedy Kennet Kenning "Kenrick (of Acton Burnell and Owre, Shropshire)" Kent "Kent (Meath)" Kenton Kenward Kenworthy Kenyon Keppel Ker "Ker (Down)" Kercher Kerne Kerr "Kerrey (of Worthern, Shropshire)" Kerrison Kerry Kershaw Kessler Kestell Kett Kettle Kew "Key or Keyes" "Keyes (Donegal)" Kibble Kidd Kidston "Kidwell (Wales)" Kiefer Kiesling Kiffin "Kilburne or Kilborn" Kilby Kilgour Killingworth Kilmore Kimberley "Kinaston or Kynastin" Kincaid Kindelán Kinder King King "King (Roscommon)" Kingdon Kingsley Kingston "Kingston (Longford)" Kinloch Kinnaird Kinnear Kinnersley Kinninmond Kinross "Kinsella or Kinsellagh" Kinsman Kintore Kippen Kirby Kirchner Kirk Kirkaldie Kirkby Kirke Kirketon Kirkham Kirkland Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kirton Kitchener Kitchens Kitchin "Kite or Kyte" Kleber Kleeman Klein Kleist Klocke Knapp Knapp Knatchbull Knell Knight Knight "Knightly or Knightley" Knighton Knorr Knowles "Knowles (of Denbighshire)" "Knowsley (English of Flint)" Knox "Knox (Mayo)" "Knyll (of Knyll, Herefordshire)" Koch Koeler Koenig Kofler Kohl Kohler Kopp Köppel Krabbe Kraft Krall Kramer Krane Krantz Kratz Kraus Krebs Krieger Kruger Krull Kuhn Kummer Kunz Kurtz Küster Kyd "Kydwelly (Sir Morgan-Chancellor of Glamorgan)" Kyle "Kyle (Cork)" "Kynaston (Descended from Iorwerth Goch)"

"L - N" " " Labadie Labat Labbé Labia Laborda Laborde "Lac (du)" "Lacaze (Caze de la)" Lacerda Lacoste Lacour Lacroix Lacueva "Lacy or Lacey" Ladd Lade Ladoucette Ladrón Lafetá Lafon Lafond Lafont Lafontaine Lafranchi Lafranco "Lagarda or Legarda" Lagarde Lagarra Lagarto Lagasse Laghi Lago Lago Lago Lagos Laidlaw Lainé Laing Laird Lake Lalane "Lallemand or Lallemant" Lallement Lallier Lalonde Lama Lamadrid Lamas Lamb Lambert "Lambert (Galway)" "Lambert I" "Lambert II" Lamberti Lambertucci Lammie Lamond Lamont Lamont Lamothe Lamotte Lamour Lamoureux Lampen Lamprecht Lampson Lamy Lana Lancaster "Lance (de la)" Lancellotti Lancelot Lanci Lanciani Lancini Lançós Landa Landais Landau Landauer "Lande (de la)" Landel "Lander (s)" Landi Landim Landini Lando Landon "Landon (lords of Llanddewi, Monmouthshire)" "Landres (or Landry of Llanddowror, Carmanthenshire)" Landry Landsberg Lane "Lane (Roscommon)" Lang Langdale Langdon Langen Langer Langevin Langford "Langford (Antrim)" "Langford (of Allington, Gresford, Denbighshire)" Langham "Langholm (e)" Langlais Langlands Langley Langley Langlois "Langrishe (Kilkenny)" Langstaff Langston "Langston (of Langiston, Monmouthshire)" Langton Langton "Langton (Kilkenny)" "Langton (Sir William-of Henllys, Gower)" Laniel Lannoy "Lannoy (de)" Lanuza "Lany or Laney (Dublin)" Lanza Lanza Lanzi Lanzoni "Lapenha or Penha" Lapeyre Lapi Laporte Lapp Lapslie Lara Lara Larcher Larchier Lark Larkin Laroche Larocque Larra Larrinaga "Larue (Rue, de la)" Larzedo Lasalde Lasarte "Laso (or Garcilaso)" Lassalle Lasserre Latas Latham Latham "Lathom (of Lleweni Green, Denbighshire)" Latimer Latorre "Lattin (Kildare)" "Lattre (de)" Lauber Lauder Lauderdale Lauer "Laugharne (of St. Brides, Pembrokeshire)" Laugier Launay "Laurence (Galway)" "Laurens (AP WILLIAM AP DAFYDD)" Laurent Laurenti Laurenzi Laurie Lauter Lauterbach Lauty Lauzon "Laval I" "Laval II" Lavallée Lavaud Laven Lavender "Laver I" "Laver II" Lavergne "Lavigne (Vigne (de la))" Lavington Law "Lawder or Lauder (Leitrim)" Laweston Lawford "Lawless (Kildare)" Lawrence "Lawrence or Laurence" Lawson Lawson Lawton Laxton "Layton I" "Layton II" Lázaro Lazcano Lazzari "Le Bars (de le Bars)" "Le Borgne" "Le Breton (Breton (le))" "Le Bris (Bris (le)" "Le Du (Du (le)" "Le Gac (Gac (le)" "Le Gal " "Le Gall" "Le Goff (Goff (le)" "Le Meur (Meur (le)" "Le Roux I (Roux (le)" "Le Roux II (Roux (le)" "Le Roy I (Roy (le)" "Le Roy II (Roy (le)" Lea "Leach or Leech" "Leadbitter or Leadbetter" "Leader (Cork)" Leal Leão Lear Learmonth Leask Leborão Lebrão Leck Leckie "Lecky (Derry)" Lecumberri Lecuona Lederer Ledesma Ledo "Ledoux or Doux" Lee Lee "Lee (Kerry)" Leech "Leech (Cork)" Leechman Leeds Lees "Lees or MacAleese (Dublin)" Leeson "Leeson (Dublin)" Lefebvre Lefevre "Lefrancois (François (le)" Legat Legat "Legay (Gay (le)" Legazpi "Legendre (Gendre (le)" Léger "Legg or Legge (Antrim)" Legge Legh Legnani Leguina Lehmann Lehner Leigh "Leigh (Dublin)" Leighton Leighton "Leighton (of Leighton, Shropshire)" Leipold Leis Leitão Leitch Leite Leith Leiva "Leke or Leake" "Leleu (Leu (le)" "Lelievre (Lièvre (le)" Lelli "Lelong (Long (le)" "Leloup (Loup (le)" Lema Lemaire "Lemaitre (Maitre (le)" "Leman or Lemmon" "Leman or Lemon (Dublin)" "Lemarchand (Marchand (le)" Lembeck Leme "Lemercier (Mercier (le)" Lemke Lemmens "Lemoine (Moine (le)" "Lemonnier (Monnier (le)" Lemos "Lemos I" "Lemos II" Lencastre Lend "Lendrum (Fermanagh)" Lennard "Lennie or Leny" Lennox "Lenoir (Noir (le)" Lentz Lenzo León Léon Léonard Leonardo Leoni Léoz "Lepage (Page (le)" "Lepin (e)" "Leprestre (Prestre (le)" Lera "Leray (Ray (le))" "Leriche (Riche (le)" Lerma "Lesage I (Sage (le)" "Lesage II (Sage (le)" "Lescuyer (Escuyer (l')" Lesk Leslie "Leslie (Monaghan)" Lessing Lester "Lester or MacLester (Dublin)" "Lesueur (Sueur (le)" "Letellier (Tellier (le))" "Levasseur (Vasseur (le)" "Levèque (Evèque (l')" Lever Leveson "Levett or Leavett" "Levett ot Lyvet (Dublin)" "Levinge or Levens (Westmeath)" Levington Levins Levis Lewes Lewin "Lewis (Dublin and Monaghan)" "Lewis (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire)" "Lewis (of Y Fan or Van, Caerphilly, Glamorgan)" "Lewis I (Wales)" "Lewis II" "Lewys (AP RHYS AP HYWEL AP GRUFFUDD)" "Lewys (of Bodedern, Llifon, Anglesey)" Lexington Ley Leyland Lezcano "Lhomme (Homme (l')" "Liall or Lyall" Liaño Libberton Liddell Lidderdale Lienart Lightbody Lightfoot "Lillie or MacLilly (Roscommon)" Lilly Lima Limos Limpo Liñán Linares "Lincolne (Dublin)" "Lincolne I" "Lincolne II" Lind Linde Lindemann Linden Lindequist Linder Lindley Lindner Lindsay "Lindsey (Mayo)" Lingard Lingen "Lingen (of Lingen, Herefordshire)" Link Linnet Linton Lioni Liorsi Lippe Lippi Lira Lis Lisk Lisle Lister Liston Lithgow "Littell or Little" "Littelman or Littleman" Little Littlejohn Littler Littleton "Litton (Tyrone)" Livesey Livingstone Lizana Lizarazu Lizarraga Llach Llado Llamas "Llandaff (Diocese of, Cardiff)" "Llandochau (or Wallis, Walsh, Welsh, lords of Llandough)" "Llanegwystl (VALLEY CRUCIS ABBEY)" "Llanos or Llano" Llansol Lláser Llasera Llave Lledós "Llewellyn (Wales)" Llinás Llobet Llopis Llorente Lloret Lloves Lloyd Lloyd "Lloyd (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire)" "Lloyd (of Bodiris, Denbighshire)" "Lloyd (of Breconshire)" "Lloyd (of Foxhal, Henllan, Denbighshire)" "Lloyd (of Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire)" Llull "Llwn Hen (ancestor of Gwynfardd)" "Llywarch (AP BRAN-of Menai, Anglesey)" "Llywelyn (AB ALETH, King of Dyfed)" "Llywelyn (AB EINION AP CELYNIN)" "Llywelyn (AP MAREDUDD)" "Llywelyn (DYFARCH)" "Llywelyn (EURDORCHOG, born c.1030)" "Lobão or Lobeira" Lobato Lobatón Lobera Lobia Lobo Lobo Loch Locherby Lochore Locke "Locke (KIldare)" Lockhart Lockwood Lodge Lodi "Loftus (Viscount of Ely)" Logan Logan Loghlan Logie Loisel Loisson "Lomas or Loomis" Lomax Lombard "Lombard or Lombart" Lombardi Lombardo Lombera London Loney Long "Long (of Pembrokeshire)" "Long or Longe" Longden Longfellow "Longfield (Meath)" Longford "Longford (of Pembrokeshire)" Longhi Longoni Longstaff Lonsdale Lopes "López I" "López II" "López III" Lorain Lord "Lord (Cork)" "Lord (or Lort, of St Patrick, Pembrokeshire)" Lordelo. Lorenzi Lorenzo Lorenzo Loret Loria Loriega Lorimer "Loring (e)" Loris Loro Loronha Lorty Losada Losco Lóssio Lotti "Loudon or Loudoun" Louis "Louis or Lowis" Lourenço Louth Louvet "Love I" "Love II" Loveday Lovejoy Lovelace Lovell Lovell "Lovet or Lovett" "Lovett (Dublin)" Low "Low (Limerick)" Lowe Lowell Lower Lowman Lowndes "Lowry or O'Lavery (Tyrone)" "Lowther (Quartering of Powell of Hosely)" Loyers Loyola "Loyseau or Loiseau" Lozana Lozano Lubbock Lubeck Luca Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas "Lucas (of Hill, Gower)" Lucena Lucena Lucerna "Lucey or Lucy" Lucian Luciano Lucio Lúcio Luck Lucy Ludlow "Ludlow (of Shropshire)" Ludwig Lugo Luis Luke "Luke (Monaghan)" "Luker (Tipperary)" Lumley Lumsden Luna Luna Luna Lund Lundin Lunn Lunsford Lupi Lupin Lupton Luscombe Lusk Luther Luton Luttrell "Luttrell (Dublin)" Lutz Lux "Lyle or Lyall" "Lynch (Galway)" Lyndon "Lyndon or Glindon (Antrim)" Lynn Lyon "Lyons (Westmeath)" "Lytton or Litton" Maça MacAben MacAdam "MacAdam (Clare)" MacAlister "MacAlpin or MacAlpine" MacArdle MacArthur "MacArtney (Belfast)" MacAuley "MacAuliffe (Munster)" "MacAusland (Londonderry)" "MacAwley or MacGawley" MacBain MacBarnet MacBean "MacBeth or MacBeath" MacBlane MacBrady MacBraire MacBrayne MacBride MacBride MacCabe MacCaffery MacCall "MacCann (Armagh)" MacCarron "MacCartan or MacArtan" "MacCarthy or Carty (Cork)" MacCartney MacCartron "MacCarvill or MacCarroll" "MacCashin (Queen's Co.)" MacCasland Macchiavelli MacChlery Macci "MacClancy or MacGlanchy" MacCleish MacClelland MacClintock MacClintock "MacClure (Down)" MacCochlan MacCodden MacCoey "MacCoghlan (King's Co.)" "MacColgan (King's Co.)" "MacColley (Kildare)" MacColman MacCombie "MacConchy or Machonchy or MacConaghy" MacConnell MacConsidine "MacConville or Conwell" MacCormack MacCormick MacCorquodale MacCostello MacCotter MacCourt MacCoy MacCoyle MacCready "MacCullen (Donegal)" MacCulloch MacCurtin "MacCusker or Cosker" MacDaniel "MacDeargan or O'Dargan" "MacDermot (Roscommon)" "MacDevitt or MacDavitt" MacDiarmid MacDiarmot "MacDonald (of the Isles-ancient)" MacDonell "MacDonnell (Connaught) " "MacDonnell of the Glens" "MacDonogh (Sligo)" MacDougall MacDowall MacDowell "MacDuff (Earl of Fife)" Macé Macedo "MacEgan or Gegan (Tipperary)" "MacElligott (Kerry)" "MacElroy or Gilroy" MacEnchroe "MacEnery (Cavan)" "MacEniry or MacEniery or MacHenry" MacEnright "MacEvoy (Meath)" MacEwan "MacFadden or Fadyen" MacFarlane "MacFerrin or Fearon" MacFie "MacFinucane or Kinucane" "MacGann or Magan (Westmeath)" MacGannon "MacGar or MacGirr" MacGarry MacGarth "MacGartland or Garland" "MacGaughney or Gaffney" "MacGaynor (Meath and Longford)" "MacGeachen or MacEachen" "MacGenis (Down)" "MacGeoghegan or O'Houghegan" MacGeorge "MacGeough (Armagh)" MacGeraghty "MacGettigan or Ettigan (Cork)" MacGhie MacGibbons MacGilchrist MacGilfoyle MacGill MacGill "MacGill (Ballynester)" MacGillicuddy MacGilligan MacGillivray "MacGilmartin or Kilmartin" "MacGilmore or Gilmer" "MacGilroy or MacElroy" "MacGlinchy or Clinchy" "MacGlynn or Gleen" MacGogarty MacGorman MacGovern "MacGowan (or Smith)" "MacGowan or Gow" "MacGrane or MacGrann" "MacGrannell or Graney" "MacGrath or MacGraw" "MacGrattan (Fermanagh)" MacGregor "MacGuffock or MacGavock" "MacGuinness or MacGinnis or MacGenis" "MacGuire or Maguire" Machado Machado "MacHale or MacEli" MacHan "MacHatton or MacIlhatton" Machín MacHugh Macías Maciel MacIlvain MacInerney MacInnes MacInroy MacIntyre MacIver Mack "MacKale or MacKail" MacKay "MacKeegan or Keggan" MacKenna MacKenzie "MacKeogh (Roscommon)" MacKeown MacKerrell MacKie "MacKillikelly (Galway)" MacKinnon MacKintosh MacKirdy "MacKnight (Dublin)" Mackworth MacLachlan MacLannahan MacLaren MacLarty MacLaurin "MacLea or Lee (Londonderry)" MacLean MacLeay MacLeish MacLellan MacLennan MacLeod MacLochlin "MacLoskie or MacLuskie" MacLysacht "MacMahon (Monaghan)" "MacMahon (Thomond)" "MacManus (Fermanagh)" MacMathan MacMichael MacMillan MacMillan MacMoran MacMore "MacMoresh or MacMorris" MacMorogh "MacMorogh (King of Leinster)" "MacMulock or Mullock" "MacMurray (Limerick)" "MacMurrogh (Carlow and Wexford)" MacNab MacNaghten MacNair MacNally MacNamara "MacNaughton or MacNaughtan" MacNeil MacNeil MacNeish MacNevins "MacNicol or Nicolson" "MacNulty 1" "MacNulty 2" Maconochie "MacOstrich (Cork)" MacPherson MacQuarrie "MacQuay or MacKee" MacQueen MacQuillan "MacRae or MacCraigh" "MacRannell (Reynolds)" "Macreadie or MacCreadie" MacRery "MacRery or MacCrery" MacRitchie MacRory "Macsen (WLEDIG, Roman Emperor Maximus)" "MacShane or Shane (Ireland 1600)" "MacShanley or Shanly (Leitrim)" "MacShanly (Roscommon)" MacSheehy MacSweeney MacTaggart MacTavish MacThomas "MacTiernan or MacKiernan" MacTurk MacVais "MacVeagh or MacFingah (Armagh)" MacWhirter MacWorth Maddison "Maddox or Maddock" Madec Madeira Madia "Madock or Madox" "Madog (AP LLYWELYN AP GRIFFRI-or Madock)" "Madog (AP MAREDUDD, Prince of Powys)" "Madog (AP RHYS)" "Madog (FYCHAN)" Madrazo Madrid Madroño Madureira Maecello "Maelgwn (GWYNEDD, King of Gwynedd)" "Maelog (CRWM-of Arllechwedd, Caernarfonshire)" "Maenyrch (lord of Brecon)" Maestri Maeztu Maffei Magalhães Magarola "Magee or MacGee" Maggi Maggio "Magill (Down)" "MaGinn or MacGing" Magistri Magnani Magnano Magne Magni Magniere Magnin Magno Magnoni "Magrè (da)" Magriço Magro Mahé "Mahew (e) or Mayhew" Mahieu Mahler "Mahon or O'Mahan" Maia Maier Maillard Maillet Maillot Main "Main or Mayne" Mainardi Mainetti Maino Mainwaring "Mainwaring (branches in North Wales)" Mair Mair Maire "Maire or Mayre" Maisonneuve Maitland Maitre Majoli "Major or Mayor" Majoribanks Makepeace Malaca Malafaia Malagamba Malatesta Malby "Malcolm or MacCallum" Maldonado "Maldonado I" "Maldonado II" "Malephant (of Upton, Pembrokeshire)" Malerba Malfatti Malheiro Malherbe Malla Mallard Mallet Mallet Mallol Mallory "Mallory (Cork)" Malpas "Malpas (Dublin)" "Malpas (Sir David, Descended from Owain)" Malpighi Maluenda Malvagia Malvezzi "Man or Mann" "Manaw (Brenin-King of Man)" Manceau Manchester Mancini Mandella Mandelli "Manders (Dublin)" Mandeville "Mandeville (Tipperary)" Manegat Manelli Manetti Manfredi Manfredini Mangan Mangano Mangin "Manley or Mandley" "Mann (Tyrone)" Manners Manning Mannucci Manrique Manrique Mansbridge "Mansel (of Oxwich and Penrice, Gower)" "Mansel(l) or Mansfield" "Mansfield (Waterford and Kildare)" Mansilla Manso Manso Manson Manuel "Manuel or Manoel" Manzano Manzi Manzini Mappin Mar Marais Marañón Marbury Marbury Marc Marcel March "March (AP MEIRCHION)" Marchal Marchand Marchand Marchão Marchesi Marchesini Marchetti Marchi "Marchudd (AP CYNAN)" Marcilla Marcó "Marco or Marcos" Mare "Mare (de la)" Maréchal Marecos "Maredudd (or Meredith, AP BLEDDYN AP CYNFYN)" "Maredudd (or Meredith, AP MORGAN)" "Margetson (Dublin)" Mari Marichalar Marie Marimón Marin Marín Marinho Marini Marion Marioni Maris Mariz "Mark (s)" Markham "Markham (Dublin)" Marley "Marlow (e)" Marmeleiro Marney Marot "Marple (S)" Marques Marquet Márquez Marquis Marra Marrades Marriott Marschall Marsden Marsh "Marsh (of Flint)" "Marsh (Springmount, Queen’s co)" "Marshal (Earls of Pembrokeshire)" "Marshal (l) I" "Marshal (l) II" Marshall "Marshall (Cork)" Marsham Marsilla Marteau Martel Martel Martell "Martell (lords of Llanfaches, Montgomeryshire)" Martelli Martens Martí Martin Martín "Martin (Galway)" "Martin (lords of Cemais, Pembrokeshire)" "Martin (of Pembrokeshire, lord of Treglemes)" "Martin I" "Martin II" "Martin or Martyn" Martindale Martine Martineau Martinelli Martinet "Martínez I" "Martínez II" Martini Martins Martins Martos Marvin "Marward (Meath)" Marwood Marx Mary Marzari Marzolo "Mas (du)" Masca Mascarenhas Masi Mason Mason Mason Masse Massey Massimo Masson "Massy or Massey" Masters Masterton Mata "Mata or Mota" Mataró Matas Matela Mateo Matéu "Mathau (AB IEUAN AP GRUFFUDD GETHIN)" "Mathau (or Mathew, GOCH)" Mather "Mather or Madder" "Mather or Mathers (Armagh)" Matheson Mathew "Mathew (of Llandaff, Glamorganshire)" "Mathew (of Lleweni Green, Denbighshire)" "Mathews (of Blodwel, Llanyblodwel, Shropshire)" Mathieu "Mathieu I" "Mathieu II" Mathis Mathon "Matos or Mattos" Matoses Matson Mattei Matthews Matthias Matz "Maude or Mawhood" Mauger "Maul or Maule" Maule Maurel Maurer Mauri Maurice "Maurice or Morrice (Wales)" Maurin Maury "Mawddwy (lords of)" Mawdesley "Max or Maxey" Maxfield Maxton Maxwell "Maxwell (Waterford and Down)" May "May (de)" "May (Dublin)" Maya Maycock Mayer "Mayer (le)" Mayfield Maynard "Maynard (Wicklow)" Mayo Mayr Maza Maza Maze Mazza Mazzoleni Mazzoli Meacham Meade "Meade (Cork)" Meadows Meager Meakin Meares "Meares or O'Meers (Longford)" Mearns "Meath (Kingdom of Meath)" "Mecham (Westmeath)" Meda Medeiros Meder Medici Medina Medley Mee Meech Meggs Meier Meighe Meik Meiklejohn Meira Meireles "Meirion (MEIRIONNYDD)" Meissner "Mejía or Mejías" "Melbourne or Milborne" Meldrum Meléndez Melgarejo "Meli (or Melo)" Meliá Mell Meller Mellini Mellis Melloni Mellor "Melo or Mello" Melton Melville "Melyn (Mellyn Magnus)" Mena Mena Ménard Mendanha Mendes "Méndez I" "Méndez II" "Mendoça or Mendonça" "Mendoza I" "Mendoza II" Menéndez Meneses Meneses Mengen Menteith "Menue (de la)" Menze Menzer Menzies "Merbury (or Marbery, Justiciar of South Wales)" Mercati Mercer "Mercer (of Temby, Pembrokeshire)" Mercier "Mercier I" "Mercier II" Merck Merckel Mercurio Mercy Meredith "Meredith (of Stansty, Denbighshire)" "Meredith (Sligo)" "Merfyn (FRYCH, King of Gwynedd )" Mergulhão Merino "Merit or Merritt" Merle Merlet Merli Merlin Merlin Merlini Merrick "Merrick (Rhys ap Meurig, of Glamorgan)" "Merrick or MacMerrick (Dublin)" Merrifield Merrill Merry Merry Merryman Mertens Merton "Mertoun or Merton" Mertz Mervyn "Mervyn (Tyrone)" Mesi Mesía Mesquita Mesquita Messmer Messner Mestre Métayer "Metcalf or Medcalf" Metcalfe Metford Metham Methven Métivier Metzger Meunier "Meurig (King of Dyfed)" "Meurig (King of Gwent)" Mewes Mexia Meyer Meyer Meyrick "Meyrick (of Bodorgan, Anglesey)" Mezquíriz Mezzo Michaud Michaux Michel Michelet Micheletti Micheli Michelson Michon Mickleton Middleton Middleton Middleton "Middleton (Daughter m. Rhirid ap Dafydd)" "Middleton (Marmaduke-Bishop of St. David’s)" Midgley Miglia Migliorati Migliore Mignani Mignot Miguéis Miguel Miguel "Mihil or O'Mihill" Mikieson Milano Miláns Milbank "Milborne (of Herefordshire)" Mildred "Miles or Moyles (Tipperary)" "Miles or Myles" Milford Millán Millar "Millard or Meler" Mille Miller Miller "Miller or Millar (Clare)" "Millerd (Cork)" Millet Millett Milliken Millington Millot Mills Milne Milner "Milo (FITZWALTER-Earl of Hereford)" Milroy Milton Milward "Milward (Wexford and Kilkenny)" Mina "Minchin (Tipperary)" Minelli Mínguella Mínguez "Minnitt (Tipperary)" Minnoch Minors Miquel Mir Miralles Miramonte Miranda Miranda Misset Mitchell "Mitchell (Leitrim)" "Mitchell or Michell" Mitchelson Mitford Moccia "Moel (of Anglesey)" Moffat Mogg Mohr "Mohun or Moynes" Moine Moir Mole Molera Molin Molina Molineux Molins Moll Möller Molleson Molson Molton Monari Moncada Moncayo "Monck or Monk" "Moncke or Monks (Louth)" Monckton Moncreiff Moncur Mondéjar Mondini Móner Moneta Moneva Monier Monin "Monington (of Brinsop, Herefordshire)" Monins Moniz Moñiz "Monmouth (Lord Monmouth)" "Monmouth (lords of)" Monnet Monnier Monsalve "Monson or Munson" Montagna "Montagne or Montaigne" Montague Montagut Montalbano Montalvo Montalvo Montañá Montanari Montaner Monte Montebello Montecchi Monteforte Monteil Monteiro Montenegro Monterroio Montês Montesi Montford "Montfort (Daughter m. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd)" Montgomerie "Montgomery (Donegal and Down)" "Montgomery (Sir John, of Walys)" Monti Monticelli Monticola Montini "Montmorency (Tipperary)" Montoia Montorio Montoro Montoya Monypenny Monza Moody "Moone or Moon" "Moore (lords of Crick, Monmouthshire)" "Moore I" "Moore II" Moorhouse Mora "Morais or Moraes" Morales Morales Morán Morand Morandi Morando Morato Morató "Morda (FRYCH, lord of Cil-y-cwm)" Mordaunt "Mordaunt (Clare)" "Morden or Mordon" More "Moreau I" "Moreau II" Morehead Moreira "Morel I" "Morel II" "Moreland or Mereland" Morelli Moreno Moret Moreta "Moreton or Morton" Moretti Moretto "Morgan (AP LLYWELYN, of Tredegar, Monmouthsire)" "Morgan (Arxton, Hereford, formerly of Llanddewi)" "Morgan (Dublin)" "Morgan (of Langstone, and Pen-coed, Llanmartin)" "Morgan (Sir, AP MAREDUDD)" "Morgan I (Wales)" "Morgan II (Wales)" "Morgan III (Wales)" Mori Morice "Morin I" "Morin II" Morini "Moris (of Caswilia, Brawdy, Pembrokeshire)" Morison Morison Morland Morley Moro Moroni Morosini Morrell Morrey Morris "Morris (of Cardiganshire)" "Morris (Wales)" "Morris (Wexford)" "Morrison (Dublin)" "Morrogh (Limerick)" Morse "Mortier (du)" Mortimer Mortimer Mortimer "Mortimer (Baron of Coedmor, Cardiganshire)" Mortlock Morton "Morton (1655 Ireland)" "Morton 2" "Morys (AP DAFYDD AB IEUAN)" Mosca Moscatelli Mosconi Moscoso Moscoso "Moseley or Mosley" Mosquera Moss Mossman Mostyn "Mota (de la)" Mott Motta "Motte (de la)" Moubray Moulin Moultrie Mounier Mounsey Moura Mourão Mouta Moutinho Mouton Mouzinho Mow Mowat Mowbray Mower Moyer Moyes Moyle "Moyle (or Mule of Ruthin, Denbighshire)" Muckle "Mudie or Moody" Múgica Muglia Muguerza Mühl Mühlen Muir Muirhead "Mulcaster or Muncaster" Mules Müller Mullett Mumford Münch Mundell Mundy Munier Munn Muñoz "Muñoz I" "Muñoz II" Munro Murat Murchison Murdoch Mure Murilhas Murillo Murison Murr Murray "Muschamp (Dublin and Cork)" Muschamps Musgrave Mushet "Muter or Muterer" "Myddleton (of Gwenynog, Denbighshire)" Myers "Myers (Dublin)" Myrton Mytton "Mytton (lords of Mawddwy)" Nadal Nadal Nader Naesmith Nagel "Nagle (Cork)" Nairn "Naish or Nash (Limerick)" "Nangle (Meath)" Nani "Nanney or Nanny" Nano Nantes Nanti "Naper or Napper" Napier "Napier or Napper" Nápoles Nardi Narváez Narvais Narvarrete Naselli Nash "Nash (of Nash, Pembrokeshire)" Nasi Nathan Nava Nava Navaja Navarro Navarro Navas Navascués Naves Naylor Neale Needham "Needham or O'Nee" "Nefydd (HARDD, Caernarfonshire)" Negrão Negreiros Negrelli Negrete Negri Negro Negroni Neilson Neira "Nelli (or Nello)" "Nelson I" "Nelson II" "Nelson or Nealson" Nelthorpe Nepveu Nerli Nero Neroni Neto "Netterville or Netterfield" Neuhaus Neuhof Neumair Neumann Neumayer Neuville Nevado Neveu "Nevill or Neville" "Nevill or Neville (Wexford)" Nevoy "New or Newe" Newall "Newark (e)" Newbery Newbold Newburgh "Newcomb (e)" "Newcombe or Newcomen" Newcomen "Newcomen (Langford)" Newell Newland Newlands Newman "Newman (Dublin)" Newmarch "Newmarch (Conqueror of Brycheiniog 11th century)" Newport "Newport (Quartered by Lloyd of Foxall)" "Newport (Sir Richard, Shropshire, Knighted 1560)" "Newsam or Newsom" "Newsom or Newsam" Newton Newton "Newton (alias Cradock)" "Newton (Antrim and Tyrone)" Niccoli Nicholas "Nicholis or MacNicholas (Louth)" Nicholl Nicholls Nicholson "Nicholson (Dublin)" Nicola Nicolas Nicoletti Nicolini Nicolis Nicolle Niddrie Niemeyer Nieto Nightingale Nimmo Niño Nisbet Nisbet Niven "Nixon (Fermanagh)" Nobili Noble Noble Noble Nobre Nóbrega Nodari Noel Noel Nogueira Nogueira Noguer Noguera Nogués Noone Norbury "Norbury (of Flint-Branch of Bulkeley)" "Norbury or Norbery" Norgate Nori "Noriega or Noriego" Norland "Norman (Louth)" "Norman I" "Norman II" Normand Normand Normann "Norreys or Norris (Dublin)" Norrington "Norris (Sir John, of Pen-llin, Glamorgan)" "Norris or Norreys I" "Norris or Norreys II" North "Northcote or Northcott" Northey Norton "Norton (Dublin)" Norvel Norwich "Norwood or Northwood" Notario Noto Nott Nottingham Novais Novelli Novello Novés Novoa Nóvoa Nowell Noyes "Nugent (Westmeath)" Nunes Núñez Nunn Nurse Nurse Nuti Nutt Nuttall

"O - R" " " Oakeley Oakes Oare "Oates I" "Oates II" O'Beirne Obercamp O'Bergin Oberhauser Oberkampf Oberkirch Oberländer Obermair Obermann O'Boland "O'Bolger or Boulger" "O'Boran or Borran" O'Boylan "O'Boyle (Donegal)" "O'Branagan or Branigan" Obregón "O'Brennan (Connacht)" "O'Brennan (Ossory)" O'Brien O'Broder O'Brophy O'Brosnan "O'Byrne (Wicklow)" "O'Cahan or Cahane (Londonderry)" "O'Cahan or Kane or Keane" "O'Cahill (Tipperary)" "O'Calane or Callan" O'Callaghan Ocampo O'Canavan O'Carolan "O'Carrie or O'Carry" O'Carroll O'Casey O'Cassidy Occa Ochoa Ochôa Ochs "Ochterlony or Auchterlony" O'Clary O'Clery "O'Coffey (Cork)" "O'Collins or Cullane" O'Concannon "O'Condron or Conran" "O'Connell or MacConnell" "O'Connellan (Kilkenny)" "O'Connor (Corcomroe)" "O'Connor (Don)" "O'Connor (Faly)" "O'Connor (Kerry)" "O'Connor (Sligo)" O'Conolly "O'Conry (Offaly)" "O'Coonan or Conan (Dublin)" O'Corcoran O'Cornyn "O'Corrigan or Carrigan" O'Cosgrave "O'Coulter or Colter" "O'Coyne (Dublin)" "O'Crean (Mayo and Sligo)" O'Crehall O'Crotty "O'Crowley or Crouley" "O'Cullen or Culhoun" O'Cullinan O'Currie "O'Daly or Dawley" O'Dane "O'Dargan or Dorgan or MacDeargan" "O'Davoren (Clare)" Oddi "Oddie or Oddy" "O'Dea or Day (Clare)" O'Delany Odell O'Dempsey Odena "O'Dennehy or Denny" "O'Dermond (Dublin)" "O'Desmond (Cork)" O'Devaney "O'Devlin (Donegal)" "Odin or Odo" "Odin or Oudin" O'Dinneen "O'Doherty or Dogherty" "O'Doinn, O'Doyne or O'Dunn" "O'Dolan 1" "O'Dolan 2" "O'Donegan or Donagan" "O'Donellan or Donlon" O'Donlevy O'Donnell O'Donnelly O'Donoghue O'Donovan O'Doolan "O'Dooley or Dowley" O'Doran O'Dowd "O'Dowling (Kilkenny)" O'Downey "O'Downing (Dublin)" O'Doyle O'Driscoll "O'Drone or Dron" "O'Drought (Wicklow)" "O'Duane, O'Devine or O'Duana" "O'Duffy (Monaghan)" O'Duggan O'Dwyer "Odwyn (AP TEITHWALCH, Lord of Ceredigion)" Oertel O'Fahy O'Fallon O'Falvey "O'Farley or O'Farrelly" "O'Farrell or O'Ferrall (Galway)" O'Farren "O'Fay or O'Fee" O'Feely "O'Feney or O'Feeney" O'Fennell O'Fennelly "O'Fergus or Ferris (Mayo)" "Offield or Ofield" Offley "O'Finaghty or Finnerty" O'Finn O'Finnegan O'Flaherty O'Flanagan O'Flattery O'Flynn O'Fogarty "O'Foley (Dublin)" O'Foran "O'Foy or O'Fie" "O'Friel or Friell (Donegal)" "O'Gahan or Gahon" "O'Gallagher or Goligher" O'Galvin "O'Gara (Sligo)" "Ogarde or Ogard" O'Garvey "O'Gavin or O'Gavan" Ogden O'Gibney Ogier "Ogilby (Londonderry)" Ogill "O'Gillen or Gillan" Ogilvie Ogle "Ogle (Wexford)" "O'Gleeson or Glissane" Oglethorpe Oglio "O'Gorman or MacGorman" O'Gormley "O'Grady (Limerick)" "O'Grehan or Greaghan" "O'Griffin or Griffey" "O'Grogan (Wexford)" "O'Grogan or Groogan" Ogston "O'Haffy or Haughey" "O'Hagan (Tyrone)" "O'Halloran (Galway)" "O'Halpenny or Halfpenny" "O'Halpin 1" "O'Halpin 2" "O'Haly or Healy (Limerick)" O'Hamill O'Hanlon O'Hanly O'Hanna O'Hannon O'Hanraghan "O'Hanraghty or Henraghty" O'Hara "O'Hare or Haire (Fermanagh)" "O'Harkins or Harkan" O'Hart O'Hartigan "O'Hartley or Hartily" "O'Harty (Dublin)" "O'Hayden or Headon" O'Hea "O'Healy or Hely" O'Heffernan O'Hegarty "O'Hendrick or Henrick (Dublin)" O'Hennessy "O'Henry (Galway)" O'Herlihy "O'Heyne or Hynes" "O'Hickey 1" "O'Hickey 2" O'Higgin O'Hoey O'Hogan "O'Holohan or Hoolihan" "O'Horan or Haren" "O'Horgan or Hourigan" O'Hough "O'Hurley or Herlihy" "O'Hussey or Hosey" "O'Hyland or Hayland" Ojeda O'Kearney O'Keeffe "O'Keenan or Kinane" O'Keevan O'Kelleher O'Kelly O'Kennedy "O'Kenny or Kenney (Dublin)" O'Kerrigan "O'Kielty or Quilty" O'Kiely "O'Kieran, Kearon or Kearns" O'Killeen "O'Kinahan or Cunningham" "O'Kindelan (Meath)" O'Kinealy O'Kirby O'Kirwan "O'Kyan (Wicklow)" "Olabarría or Olavarría" "Olaf (son of Sihtric)" Olalde "O'Lalor or Lawler" O'Langan "O'Lanigan or Lenigan (Tipperary)" Olano O'Larkin O'Lavin Oldcastle Olde Oldfield Olea O'Leahy O'Leary "O'Lehane or Leehan" "O'Lenihan or Lenaghan (Limerick)" "O'Lennon or Lennon" Oliffe Oliphant Oliva Oliva Oliva "Olivares I" "Olivares II" Olivari Olivas "Olive (d')" "Oliveira or Olival" Oliver Oliver Oliver "Oliver (Limerick)" "Oliver (Ulster)" Olivera Oliveras Oliveri Oliverson Olivier Oliviera Olivo Oller Olley Ollier Olmedo Olmo Olney O'Lonergan "O'Looney or Lunny" O'Loughlin "O'Loughlin 2" "O'Loughnan or Loughnane" "Olton or Owlton" O'Mackesy "O'Mackey (Dublin)" O'Madden O'Mahony O'Malley "O'Mallun or O'Mullan" O'Malone Omaña "O'Marley or Marlay (Westmeath)" "O'Meagher or O'Maher" O'Meara "O'Meehan or O'Meighin" "O'Melaghlin or MacLoughlin" "O'Merry (Waterford)" "O'Millea or Milley (Carlow)" "O'Mohan or Mohun" "O'Molony or Mullowney" O'Monahan "O'Mooney (Meath)" "O'Moran or MacMoran" "O'More or Moore (Kildare)" "O'Moriarty or Moriartie" O'Moroney "O'Mortagh (Thomond)" "O'Mulcahy or Caughey" "O'Muldoon or Meldon" "O'Mullally or Lally" "O'Mullan or Mullen" "O'Mulledy or O'Neady" O'Mulligan O'Mullins "O'Mulloy or Molloy" "O'Mulrony or Mulrooney" "O'Mulvihill (Clare)" O'Murphy "O'Murphy or O'Morchoe (Wexford)" "O'Murtaugh or O'Moriarty" O'Naghten "O'Neilan or O'Neylan" O'Neill Onesti Onley Onofri Onofrio O'Noonan Onorati "O'Nowlan or Nolan (Galway)" Ontiveros "O'Phelan or O'Faolain" Opie Oppermann O'Quigley O'Quill "O'Quin (Thomond)" "O'Quin or O'Cuinn" "O'Quinlan or O'Quinlevan" Oraa O'Rafferty "O'Rahilly (Kerry)" Orange Orbea Orby Orchard Ord Ord Ordelaffi "Orden or Órdenes" Ordóñez Ordway O'Regan "O'Reidy (Tipperary)" "O'Reilly or Riley" Orellana Orelli Orgill Oria Origlia Origo "O'Ring or O'Rinn" Orio "Oriol or Oriola" "O'Riordan or Rearden" Orlandi Orlandini Ormaechea Ormani Orme Orme "Orme (Mayo)" Ormerod Ormesby Ormesby Ormeston Ormiston Ornelas "O'Rodon or Rodden (Westmeath)" "O'Rogan (Armagh)" "O'Ronan (Kilkenny)" "O'Ronan (Limerick)" "O'Ronayne (Waterford)" "O'Roney or Rooney" "O'Roney or Rooney (Dublin)" "O'Rourke or O'Rorke" Orozco "Orpen Kerry)" "Orpie Dublin)" Orr "Orr (Belfast)" Orrell Orrock Orselli Orsini Orso Ortega Ortiz "Ortiz I" "Ortiz II" Ortmann Orton "O'Rush or Rushe (Ireland 1599)" Orwell Orzo Osborn "Osborn (e)" Osborne O'Scanlon "O'Scully (Westmeath)" "O'Shanahan or Shannon (Clare)" O'Shaughnessy "O'Shea or O'Shee" O'Sheehan "O'Sheil (Tyrone)" O'Sheridan "O'Slattery (Clare)" Osmond Osorio Osório Osorno "O'Spillane or Spelman" Ospino Ossa Osten Ostermann Ostermayer Ostertag Ostmann O'Sullivan "O'Sullivan Beare" Oswald Oswald "O'Teevan or Teevan (Cavan)" Otero O'Tierney O'Toole "O'Trehy or Troy" Ott Ottaviani Otteley Otter Otto Ottoni "O'Tuohy (Galway)" Otway "Otway (Tipperary)" "O'Twomey or O'Tuama" Oughton Ourém Ouseley Ouseley Ouston Outiz Outram Ovejas Overman Overton "Owain (AP EDWIN, or Owen)" "Owain (AP GRUFFUDD, or Owen)" "Owain (CYFEILIOG, Prince of Powys)" "Owain (GLYNDWR, Prince of Wales)" "Owain (GWYNEDD)" "Owen (of Caer-Fryn, Anglesey)" "Owen (of Caernarfonshire)" "Owen I" "Owen II" "Owens (Antrim)" Owgan "Owtred or Oughtred" Oxford Oxley Oxney Oxton Ozores Pabst Pace Pace Pacheco Pacheco Pacini "Pack or Packe" Packenham "Packenham (Earl of Longford)" Packer Packington Packwood "Padarn (PEISRUDD)" Paddon Paddy Padilha Padilla Padró Páez Pagan Pagani Paganini Pagano Page Page Pagès Paget Paget Pagliacci Pagliarini Paillard "Paillet or Payet" Paim Pain "Pain (AP RANDOLFF)" Pais "Paisley or Pasley" "Paisley or Peasley (Kildare)" Paiva Pakeman Palacio Palacios Paladini Palafox Palazzi Palazzo Palencia Paletta "Palgus (Constable of Harlech, sheriff of Merionethshire)" Palhares Palhavã Palk Palla Pallant Pallás Pallavicini "Palles or Pallas (Dublin)" Palley "Palliser (Wexford)" Palma Palma "Palma or Palmas" Palmeiro Palmer "Palmer (Dublin)" Palmerola Palmieri "Palombar or Palomar" Palomino Palomo Palumbo Paluzzi Pamplona Panciera Paniagua Panizza Panizzi Pannell Pannini Panther Pantoja Pantoja Panton Panton Panzano Panzer Paola Paoli Paolucci Pape Papin Papworth Paquet Parada Paradis Paradisi "Paramour or Paramore" Pardo Pardo Pardoe Pardy Paredes Pareja Parent Parenti Pares Parfitt Paris Paris "Paris I" "Paris II" "Páris or Paris" Parise Pariset Parisi "Parisot or Pariseau" Park Parke "Parker (Galway)" "Parker (of Llanllywed, Monmouthshire)" "Parker I" "Parker II" Parkes Parkhill Parkhouse Parkhurst Parkins Parkinson Parma Parmentier Parnell Parnham Parr Parra Párraga Parreño Parrott "Parry (of Basinwerk, Flint)" "Parry (of Llandygwydd, Cardiganshire)" "Parry (of Poston, Herefordshire)" "Parry (Ossory)" "Parry (Wales)" Parsons "Parsons (Offaly)" Partington Partridge Parvis Pascal "Pascall or Paschall" Pascual Pasetti Pashley Pasi Pasini Paske "Pasmore or Passmore" Pasquali Pasqualini Pasquier Passamonte Passarini Paston Pastor Pastrana Patalim Patch Pate Paterno Paterson Pateshall Patiño "Pato or Pavão" Paton Patriarca Patrick Patrini Patrizi Patten Pattison Pau Paul Paul Paul Pául "Paul (Carlow and Waterford)" Paulet "Paulet or Powlet" Paulini "Paulmier dit Pommier" Paulucci Paur Pavanelli Paveley Pavesi Pavia Pavone Pavoni Pawley Pawson Paxton Payen Payler Payne "Payne (of Denbighshire)" Paynter Paz Paz Pazos Pazzaglia Peach Peachey Peacock "Peacock (or Paucok, Pecok, Carmarthen)" "Peacock I" "Peacock II" "Peacocke (Clare)" "Peak (e)" "Peake (or Pec, Denbighshire)" Pearce Pearse "Pearse (Tipperary)" Pearson "Pearson or Pierson" "Peart or Pert" Pease Peat Pecci Peche Peck Peck Peckham Pecorari Pedder Peddie Pedigrew Pedler Pedley Pedrajas Pedraza Pedretti Pedrini Pedro Pedroni Pedrosa Pedrosa Pedrosa Pedroso Pedroso "Pedwardine (of Herefordshire)" Peebles Peek Peel Peer Peers Peeters Pegado Pegas Peirse Peixão Peixoto Peláez Pelham Pelissier Pell Pellegrini Peller Pellerin Pelletier Pellett Pellew Pelley Pelli Pellicani Pellicer Pelton Peltot Pemberton Pembridge "Pembridge (of Penbrugge, Herefordshire)" Pembroke "Peña (de la)" Peñaranda "Penarth (of Cardiff)" Pender Pender Pendleton "Pendleton (1625)" Pendred Penell Penfold Penford Pengeley Penketh Penley "Penman (Gibraltar)" "Penmarch (of Penmark Castle, South Glamorgan)" Penn Pennant "Pennant (of Penrhyn-Castle, Caernarvonshire)" "Penne (1596)" "Pennefather (Tipperary)" Penner Penney Penning Pennington Penny Pennycook "Penrees (or Penrice, of Penrice, Gower)" Penrice Penrith Penrose "Penteny (Meath nd Louth)" Pentland Penton Penway "Penwyn (Iorwerth ap Cynwrig ab Iorwerth)" Peperell Pépin Peploe Pepoli "Peppard (Drogheda)" Pepper Pepys Pequim Peral Perales Peralta Peralta Perceval "Perceval (Sligo)" Percy Perdigão Pereira Perellós "Peres or Pires" Perestrelo "Pérez I" "Pérez II" Perini "Perkins (of Pilston, Monmouthshire)" Perks Pernot Pero Peronne Perrault Perret Perrier "Perrière (de la)" Perrin Perrin Perron Perrot "Perrot (of Haroldston, Pembrokeshire)" Perrott Perry "Perry or Peery (Clare)" Perryman "Pershall or Peshall" Persico Perton Peruzzi Pesaro Pescara Pescatori Pesci Pesenti Pesquera Pessanha Pessoa Pestana Peter "Peter or Petre" Peterer Peters Peterson Peterson Petit "Petit I" "Petit II" Petitjean "Petitt (Meath)" Petrarca Petrie Petrini Petrone Petroni Petrucci Pett Pettet Pettigrew Petty "Petty or Pettie" Peverell "Peverell (of Pembrokeshire)" Peyre "Peyton or Payton" Pfaff Pfau Pfeiffer Pfeil Pfister "Phaire or Fair (Wexford)" Phelps Phesant Philip "Philip (AB IFOR)" "Philip (AP MADOG AB IEUAN)" "Philip (Sir, AP RHYS, Breconshire)" "Philippe I" "Philippe II" Philippes Philippi "Philipps (of Picton, Carmenthenshire)" "Philips or Phillips" "Phillimore or Filmore" "Phillips or MacPhillips" Phillipson Phillpot "Philpot (AP RHYS)" Phipps Piacentini Piatti Piazzola Picanço Picard "Picard (or PICHARD-lords of Ystrad, Breconshire)" Picart Piccardi Piccioli Pichard Picher Pichler Pichon Pichot "Pickard or Picard" Pickering Pickett Pickford Pickwick Pickworth Picoli Picone Picot "Picot (or Pigot, lord of Klynn, Pembrokeshire)" Picton "Picton (of Pembrokeshire)" Pidal "Pierce (Meath)" Piero Pierpont "Pierre (de la)" Pierrepont Pierres Pierrot "Piers (Westmeath)" Pierson Pigeon Pignatelli Pignatelli Pignone Pigott "Pigott (Galway)" Pike "Pike or Pyke (Mayo)" Pilati Pilcher Pilgram Pilgrim Pilkington Pillans Pillet Pilli Pillon "Pilmure or Pilmore" Piloni Pimenta Pimentel Pimentel Pina Piña Pinard "Pindar or Pinner" "Pine or Pyne" "Pineau (Pinault)" Pineda Pinedo Pinel Pinella Pinelli Piñera Pinet Pinfold Pinheiro Pinho Pini Pinkerton Pinkerton Pino Piño Pinoli Pinós Pinot Pinson "Pinson or Pynson" Pinto Pinto Pio Piot Piovani Pipe Piper "Pipho or Phypoe (Dublin)" Piquer Piqueras Piquet Pirie Pironi Pisa Pisani Pisoni "Pita or Pitta" Pitblado Pitcairn Pitcher Pitchford Pitfield Pitman Pitt "Pitt (Dublin)" Pizaño Pizarro Pizarro Pizzi Pizzoli "Plana or Planas" Planck Pläss Platt Platz Player Playfair Playford Plaza Pleasance Pledger Plenderleith Plessinger "Plessis or Plessey" Plomer "Plompton or Plumpton" Plott Plötz Plowden Plum Plummer Plummer "Plunkett (Louth)" Pó Pocklington Podesta Poeta Poggi Pohl Poirier Poirot Poisson "Poitevin or Potvin" Poitiers Polanco Polani "Pole or Poole" Poley Poli Polini Pollard "Pollard (Westmeath)" "Pollen or Paulin" Pollet Pollock Polo Polwarth Pompei "Ponce de Leão" "Ponce I" "Ponce II" Poncet Pons Pons Ponsonby Pont "Pont (du)" Ponte Ponte Ponte "Pontefract (of Denbighshire)" Ponton "Poole (of Hawarden, Flint)" "Poor (e)" Pope Popham "Popkin (of Fforest. Swansea)" Popolo Porcaro Porcel Porcel Porcher Porras "Porras or Porres" "Port (e)" Porta Portal "Porte (de la)" Portello Porteous Porter "Porter (Meath)" "Porter (of Aberconwy)" Porterfield "Portes (des)" Portier Portman Porto Porto "Porto (Porto-Carrero)" Portocarreiro Portugal "Posada or Posadas" Posch Potier "Pott (s)" Potter Pottier Pottinger Pouget Poulain Poullet Poulter Poulton Pound Povey "Powel (of Llandow, Glamorganshire)" "Powell (of Breconshire)" "Powell (of Perth-hir, Monmouthshire)" "Powell (of Rhiwabon, Denbighshire)" "Powell (or POUUEL-Sir Hywel, ap Hywel)" "Powell (Wales)" "Power or LePoer (Waterford)" "Powis or Powys" Pownall Powrie Powtrell "Powys (FADOG, Princes of Northern Powys)" "Powys (WENWYNWYN-Princes of Southern Powys)" Poyner Poynter Poynton Poyntz "Poyntz or Punch (Armagh)" Pozo Pozza Pozzo Pradera Prado Prado Praga Prandini Prat Prat Prata Prato Pratt "Pratt (Meath)" "Pratt (of Parc-y-pratt, St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire)" Prechel Prego "Prego or Priego" "Prendergast (Tipperary)" "Prendergast (Wexford)" Prentice Prescot Prescott Presno Preston Preston "Preston (Meath)" Prestwich Preti Preto "Prettyman or Pretty" Preuss "Prévost I" "Prévost II" "Price (Longford)" "Price (of Aberbechan, Llanllwchaearn, Montgomeryshire)" "Price (Sir John, of Brecon)" "Price or Pryce (Wales)" "Prichard (Parson of Denbighshire)" Priddle Prideaux Pridham Pridmore "Priest or Prest" "Priestley or Prestley" Prieto Prieur Prigent Primo Primrose Prince Pringle "Pringle (Tyrone)" Printz "Prior (Dublin)" "Prior or Pryer" Pritchard Privado "Probert (of Pant-glas, Tryleg, Monmouthshire)" Probst Proctor Proença Prosperi Prost Proud "Prous or Prowse" Proust Provost Provost Prudhome Prudhomme Pucci "Puente (de la)" "Puerta I" "Puerta II" Puga Puget Pugh "Pugh (of Mathafarn, Llanwrin, Montgomeryshire)" Pugliese Puig Pujades Pujol "Puleston (of Emral, Worthenbury, Denbighshire)" Pulford Pulido Pullen Pumfrey "Purcell (Tipperary)" "Purdey or Purdy" Purefoy Purnell Purser Purves Purvis Pusch Pusey "Putnam II" "Putnam or Putman" Putz Pye "Pye (of Herefordshire)" Pyle Pym "Pyne (Chief Justice of Ireland)" Pynsent Pyrton Quadros Quadros Quaile Quain Quaranta Quaresma Quarles "Quarles (Ireland 1616)" "Quarrel (of Kilpeck, Herefordshire)" "Quartermaines (Dublin)" Quatermain Queimado Queipo Queiroga "Queirós or Queiroz" Quelch Quelch Quennell "Quental or Quintal" Quentin Queralt Quesada "Quesne (du" Quesnel Quexada "Quick (e)" Quicke Quijada Quijano Quilter Quincey Quincoces Quincy Quindós Quinhones Quiñones Quintana Quintanilhas Quintero "Quintin or Quinton" Quinto Quinto Quiroga Quirós Quituera Quiza Raab Rabal Racine Rada "Radborn (e)" Radcliffe Radford Rados Rae Raeburn Raffaeli Raffin "Raglan (of Carn-lwyd, Llancarfan, Glamorgan)" "Ragland (Wales)" Ragot Raikes "Raimbaud " Raimond Raimondi Rainer Rainer Raines "Rait or Reath" Raleigh Ralston "Ram (Wexford)" Ramage Ramalho Rambaldi Ramires "Ramírez I" "Ramírez II" Ramón Ramos Ramos Ramponi Ramsay Ramsbotham Ramsden Ramsey "Rand or Randes" Randall Randi Randolph Randolph Raney Rangel Rangel Rangoni Ranieri Rankin Ranson Raoul Raper Raposo "Rastall (of Tenby, Pembrokeshire)" Ratcliff Rathbone Ratta Rattray "Raughter or Rafter (Kilkenny)" Rault Rausch Rava Ravani Raven Ravenhill Ravenscroft "Ravenscroft (of Bretton, Hawarden, Flint)" Rawdon Rawles Rawlings Rawlins "Rawlins (Bishop of St David’s)" Rawlinson Rawson Ray Ray Raymond "Raymond I" "Raymond II" Raynal "Rayne (of Brocastell, Glamorgan)" Raynford "Raynolds (Dublin)" "Rea or Ree" "Read (Meath)" "Read (of Carmarthenshire)" "Read (of Roche, Laugharne, Carmanthenshire)" "Read I" "Read II" "Reade or Reed" "Reading or Reding" Readshaw Réal Réau Rebelo Rebolledo Rebolo Reboredo Reboul Recco "Record (of Tenby, Pembrokeshire)" Reddish Redman "Redman (Kilkenny)" "Redmond (Wexford)" Redon Redondo Redondo "Redpath or Ridpath" Redwood "Rees, Rhys or Rice" Reeves "Reeves or Reve" Refóios Reggio Regia Regina Regis Regnard Regnier Rêgo Regoli Regras Reich Reichardt Reichel Reichen Reichenbach Reid Reider Reillo Reimão Reinhardt Reinhold Reinoso Reis Reiser Reisner Reixa Remington Rémond Remy Rena Renard Renaud Renaudin Renault Rendon Rendón Rengifo Renier Renner "Renny or Rennie" Renshaw Renton Requena Resch "Resende or Rezende" "Reson or Reason" Resti Reuss Reutter Revaldo Revel "Revel (l)" "Revell (of Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire)" "Revilla or Rivilla" Rey Reyher Reyman Reynard Reynaud Reynell Reynes "Reynold (of Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire)" "Reynolds (or Reignolds, of Denbighshire)" "Reynolds I" "Reynolds II" Rhein Rheiner "Rheinhallt (Reginald, King of Man)" "Rhidrid (AB YNYR, AP JONAS AP GRONWY)" "Rhidrid (FLAIDD-of Penllyn, Merionethshire)" Rhodes "Rhodri (MAWR AP MERFYN FRYCH)" "Rhos (lord of Hywel)" "Rhun (AB EDNYWAIN, lord of Tegeingl)" "Rhun (AP GRONWY)" "Rhydderch (LE GROS)" "Rhys (AB EINION SAIS)" "Rhys (AP BELDRI AP CYDIFOR FAWR)" "Rhys (AP DAFYDD GOCH)" "Rhys (AP DAFYDD)" "Rhys (AP MAREDUDD AB OWAIN)" "Rhys (AP Sir GRUFFUDD)" "Rhys (AP TEWDWR MAWR)" "Rhys (GOCH OF YSTRAD YW)" "Riall or Ryle (Dublin and Tipperary)" Ribafria Ribas Ribeira Ribeiro Ribelles "Ribera or Rivera" Ricalde Ricard Ricardi Ricasoli Ricca Ricci "Ricci 2" Riccio "Rice (Kerry)" Rich Richard "Richard (AP CADWALADR)" "Richard (IARLL KLAR, Earl of Clare)" "Richard I" "Richard II" "Richards I" "Richards II" Richardson Richardson "Richardson (Tyrone)" Richer Richmond Richmond Richter Rickart Ricketts Rico "Riddall or Ridall or Riddel" Riddell Riddock Ridell Rider Ridge Ridgeway Ridgley Ridler Ridley Ridolfi Ridout Ridsdale Riedl Rieger Riesgo Riess Rieu Rigal Rigaud Rigby Rigg "Rigg (s)" "Riggs (Ireland 1600)" Righetti Righi "Rigley or Wrigley" Rigotti Rinaldi Rincón Ring Ringwood Rio Rio "Río (del)" Rios Ríos Riou Rioux Ripley Ripoll Ripollés Rippon Riquer Rise "Risebrow or Risebrough" Riso Ritchie Ritter Riva "Rivas or Ribas I" "Rivas or Ribas II" Rivera Rivero "Rivers I" "Rivers II" Rivet "Rivett or Riffett" Rivière "Rivière (de la)" "Rivoire (de la)" "Rixton (of Conwy)" Rizzi Roa Robalo "Robartes or Robarts" Robe Roberge Robert "Robert (AP DAFYDD AP RHYS)" "Robert (AP GRUFFUDD)" "Robert (AP HYWEL, Denbighshire)" "Robert (lord of Cydewen)" Roberton Roberts "Roberts (Cork)" "Roberts (Wales)" Robertson Robillard Robin Robin "Robin (AP GRUFFUDD GOCH)" Robineau Robinet Robins "Robins (or Robinson, Bishop of Bangor)" Robinson "Robinson or Robison" Robles Robles "Robnet (of Caldicot, Monmouthshire)" "Robotham or Rowbottom" Robres Robson "Robyns or Robbins" Roca Rocca Rocchi Rocco Rocha "Roche (de la)" "Roche (of Pembrokeshire)" "Roche (Viscount Fermoy)" Rochead "Rocher (du)" Rochester Rochford "Rochfort or Rochford (Meath)" "Rock (Dublin)" "Rock (e)" Rockwell Rockwood Rodd Roddam Röder "Roderick (Wales)" Rodie Rodier Rodney Rodovalho Rodrigo Rodrigues "Rodríguez I" "Rodríguez II" Rodway Roe "Roe (Ireland 1656)" Roebuck Roger "Roger or Rodger" Rogers "Rogers (Cork)" Rogerson Rogier Rojas Rojo Rol Roland Rolandi Rolando Roldán Rolfe Rolland Rolland Rolle Rolleston Rollet Rollin Rollo Rolt Roma Romain Román Romani Romano Romano Romano Romans Romay Rome Romeiro Romeo Römer Romero Romeu "Romney or Rumney" Romo Ronald Ronchi Rondeau "Rone or Roan" Ronzoni "Rook (e)" Roope Roos Roos Roper Roque Ros Rosa "Rosa ( de la)" "Rosa or Rosas" Rosado Rosal Rosales Rosani Rösch Roscoe Rose Rose Rose Roseberry Rosen Rosenberg Rosenbusch Rosenthal Röser Rosetta Rosher Rösler Ross Rosset Rosseter Rossetti Rossi Rossignol "Rossiter or Raucester (Wexford)" Rosso Roswell Rota Rotari Roth "Rothe (Kilkenny)" Rotheram Rothwell Rotondo Rott Rouett Rouget Rougier Round "Rousseau I" "Rousseau II" Roussel Rousset Roux Rouxel Rouyer Rovelli Rovere "Rovira or Rubira" Row Rowan Rowan "Rowan (Carrickfergus)" Rowdon Rowe "Rowe (Wexford)" Rowland Rowlett Rowley "Rowley or Rolan (Londonderry)" Rowntree Roxas Roy Roy Roy Roydon "Roydon (of Is-Coed, Denbighshire)" Royer Royse "Royse or Royce (Limerick)" Royston Rua Rubalcava Rubí Rubiales Rubini Rubio Rücker "Rudd (Bishop of St David)" "Rudd (Wales)" Rudge Rüdiger Rueda Ruffino Ruffo Ruffolo Ruggieri Ruiz Rule Rumford Rummel Rumpel Rundle Rupprecht Rus Rusby Rush Rushbrook "Rushby or Rusheby" Rushworth Russell Russell "Russell (Down and Meath)" "Russell (of Brimaston, Pembrokeshire)" Rust "Ruste (of Abergwili, Carmarthenshire)" Rustici Rutherford Ruthven "Rutledge (Mayo)" Rutt Rutter "Ruxton (Louth)" "Ryan or O'Mulrian (Tipperary)" Rycroft Ryder "Ryder (Clare)" Rye Ryland Rynd

"S - Z" " " Sá Saavedra Saavedra Sabater Sabatier Sabbatini "Sabin (e)" Sabini "Sabourin dit Perche (de la)" Sacca Sacchetti Sacchi Sacco Sachs Sackville Sacoto Sacristán Sadington "Sadleir or Sadler" Sáenz Sagarra Sagasta Sage Sager Sainsbury Saint Saint-Amand Saint-Amour Saint-André Saint-Ange Saint-Aubert Saint-Aubin Saint-Charles Saint-Clair Saint-Croix Saint-Denis Sainte-Marie Saint-Georges Saint-Germain Saint-Hilaire Saint-Jacques Saint-Jean Saint-Laurent Saint-Léger Saint-Martin Saint-Michel Saint-Paul Saint-Pierre Sajani Sala Sala Salaberry Salamanca Salas Salaun Salazar Salazar Salcedo Salcedo Salcés Saldanha Sale "Sale (s)" Salema Salerno Sales "Salesbury (of Lleweni, Denbighshire)" Salgado Salgado Salinas Salinas Salisbury "Salle (de la)" "Salles (des)" Salmon Salmon "Salmon or Sammon" Salomon Salomoni Salter Salter "Salter (of Oswestry, Shropshire)" Salto Saluzzo Salvá Salvador "Salvat or Salvate" Salvatierra Salvatore Salviati Salvin Salvo Salwey Salzmann Samaniego "Samborne or Sanborn" "Sames or Samms" Samford "Sampaio or São Paio" Samper Sampson Samson Samuel "San Miguel" "San Victor" Sances Sanches "Sánchez I" "Sánchez II" Sanchiz Sancho Sandby Sande Sande Sandeman Sander "Sanders or Saunders" Sanderson Sanderson "Sandes or Sandys or Sands" Sandford "Sandford (of Glamorgan)" Sandilands Sandon Sandoval Sanford Sanhudo Sanjurjo "Sankey (of Conwy)" Sanna Sansoni "Santa Cruz" "Santa Maria" Santander Santarém Santi Santiago Santiago Santillán Santini Santon Santoro Santos Santucci "Sanz I" "Sanz II" Saracini Saracino Saraiva Saravia Sarcide Sardá Sardi Sardinha "Sare (s)" "Sargant or Sergeant" Sarmento Sarmiento "Sarnesfield (of Herefordshire)" Sarrazin Sarsfield Sasse Sasseti Sassetti Sassi Sattler Sauchy Sauer Sauli Saulnier "Sault (du)" "Saunders (of Pendine, Carmanthenshire)" Saunier Sauvage Savage Savary Savery Saville Savin Savini Sawle Sawyer Saxby "Saxton or Sexton" Say Sayer Sayn Sbarra Scacchi Scala Scales Scali Scarborough "Scarfe (of Lamphey, Pembrokeshire)" Scarlatti Scarlett Scarsi Schack Schäde Schaden Schäfer Schaff Schäffer Schaffner Schagen Schäl Schaldorf Schalk Schall Schallen Schaller Schantz Schaper Scharden Schärer Scharf Scharfenberg Scharmann Scharp Schatte Schatz Schau Schaub Schaubert Schauenburg Schauer Schaul Schaumann Schauss Schäven Schäzler Schebe Schechner Scheck Schedel Scheden Scheel Scheeren Scheeres Scheffel Scheffer Scheffler Scheibler Scheid Scheiding Scheidt Scheiner Schele Scheler Schell Schellenburg Scheller Schelling Schenk Scherb Scherer Scherf Scherl Scherling Schetz Scheu Scheve Schiavoni Schick Schickler Schieber Schieck Schier Schiff Schiffer Schilden Schildt Schiller Schilling Schindler Schirmer Schlack Schlaff Schlägel Schlapp Schlecht Schlegel Schleich Schleicher Schlein Schlemmer Schlenk Schlieben Schlitz Schlosser Schmeling Schmid Schmidt Schmieden Schmit Schmitz Schnabel Schneck Schneider Schnell Schneller Schnepf Schober Schoch Schöder Schöler Scholl Scholler Scholtz Schön Schönau Schönberg Schönebeck Schöneck Schöner Schönfeld Schöning Schöpfer Schorer Schott Schotte Schrader Schrag Schramm Schreiber Schreyer Schröder Schubart Schubert Schuler Schülte Schultheis Schultz Schulz Schumacher Schurman Schuster Schutz Schwab Schwäger Schwan Schwartz Schwartzkopf Schwarz Schweigger Schweitzer Schwerin Schwind Sciacca Scobell Scofield Scolari Sconce Scott Scott "Scott (Queen's Co.)" Scotti Scotto Scougall "Scourfield (of New Moat, Pembrokeshire)" Scratton Scriven "Scriven (of Frodesley, Shropshire)" Scrivener "Scroggs or Scruggs" Scrogie "Scroope or Scrope" Scrymgeour "Scudamor (m. daughter of Owain Glyndwr)" "Scudamore or Skidmore" Scura "Scurlage (of Glamorgan)" Seabra Seabright "Seagar or Seager" "Seagrave or Seagrove" "Seagrim or Seagram" Seale Sealy Seaman Searle "Sears or Sayer" Sebaldt Sebastiani Seco Seddon Seebach Seeberg Seeger Seelig Seemann Sega Segar Segdewick Seger Segni Segrave "Segrave (Killeghan, co. Meath)" Seguin "Segura or Seguro" Segurado Seidel Seidl "Seisyll (AP DYFNWAL)" Seitz Seixas Selbach Selby "Selioke or Selleck" "Selley or Silley" "Sellier (le)" Selman Selva Selvaggi Selwyn Sem Semedo Semper "Semple or Sempill" Senatori Sénéchal "Senger or Singer" Senhouse Sentis Sepúlveda "Sequeira or Siqueira" Sera Serafini Seres Sergeant "Sergeaunt (of Monmouthshire)" Serna Serpa Serpa Serra Serra "Serra or Serrador" Serrano Serrão Serre Serres Sesso Sesto Seton Settimo Severim Severino "Severn (e)" Seward "Seward (Cork)" Sewell Sexton "Sexton (Ireland 1597)" Seybold Seyfried Seymour Seymour Sforza Shackleton "Shadden or Shaddon" Shadforth Shadwell Shadworth Shafto "Shakespear (e)" Shand Shank "Shapleigh or Shapley" Sharp Sharp Sharples Shaw Shaw Shears Shedden Sheffield Sheild Sheldon Shelley Shelton Shepard "Shepley or Shipley" Sheppard "Sherar or Sherard" Sherborne "Sherborne (of Pembrokeshire)" Sherbrooke "Sheriff (e)" Sherington Sherman Sherwin Sherwood "Shewal or Sewell" Shield Shiers Shillington "Shipman or Shipham" Shipton "Shirley or Sherley" "Shives or Schives" Shone Shore Short Shorter Shortt "Shouster or Shuster" Shrigley Shum Shute Shuttleworth Sibbald Sibert Sicard Sidley "Sidney or Sydney" Sieber Siegel Sieger Siegfried Sierra Signorelli Signorini "Sikes or Sykes" Silber "Silby or Sylby" Silva Silva "Silva or Da Silva" Silveira Silvela Silver Silvester Silvestri Simard Simcoe Simeon Simeone Simões Simon Simon Simoncelli "Simonds or Simon" Simoneau Simonet Simonetta Simonetti Simoni Simonin Simpson Simpson Sinclair Singleton "Singleton (Meath and Monaghan)" Sinibaldi Sisco Sisto Sitwell Sivright Sixt Skeffington Skelton Skene "Skereth or Skerett (Galway)" "Skerett or Skerit" "Skevington (of Cheshire)" Skilling Skinner Skipton Skipwith Skirving Skull "Skull (of Breconshire)" Slack Slade Slader "Slaney or Slany" Slater "Slator or Slater (Meath)" "Slegge or Slegg" Sleich Slewman Sligo Slingsby Sloper Slough "Smale or Smalley" Small Small Smallman Smallwood Smart "Smart or Smert" Smeaton Smedley Smellie "Smiley or Smyly (Dublin)" Smith "Smith (of Denbighshire)" "Smith or Smythe" Smithers Smithson Smithwick Smollett Smyth Smythe Smythson "Snead (of Cheshire)" Snell Snelling "Sneyd or Sneed" Snodgrass Snow "Snowden or Snowdon" Soame Soares Sobral Sobrinho Sodré Soeiro Sofia Sohr Sola "Solana or Solano" Solari Solchaga Soldati Soldevilla Sole Soler Soleri "Solers (of Breconshire)" Solier Solis Solís Söllner Solms Somer Somerfield Somerford "Somers or Summers" Somerset Somerton Somerville Somerville Somma Sommer Sommerfeld Somoza Sonnenberg Soote Sopeña Soper Soprani Sorel Sorolla Soromenho Sorrell Sotelo Sotheby Sotillo Soto Sotomaior Sotomayor Soulard Soulier Soulis Sousa "Sousa I" "Sousa II" Soutelo South Southby Southcott Southern Southey Southham Southwell Southworth "Souto or Soito" Soveral Soverosa Sowdon Sowerby Soyer Spada Spalding Spalding "Sparke (s)" Sparrow Spatz "Spaxton or Spaxon" Speake Spearman Specchi Specht Speid Speidel Speir "Speke or Spike" "Spelman or Spilman" Spence "Spence (Aberdeen)" "Spence I" "Spence II" Spencer "Spencer (Vicar of Wiston, Pembrokeshire)" Spengler Spens Speri Sperling "Sperling or Spurling" Speroni Spezzani "Spicer (of Caernarfonshire)" "Spicer or Spycer" Spiegel Spieler Spielmann Spiering Spiers Spies Spiller Spiller Spindler Spinelli Spinello Spinetta Spini Spinkes "Spittal or Spittle" Spitzer Spooner Spot Spottiswood Spragg Spranger Spratt Sprecher Sprengel "Spreull or Spruell" "Sprigg (e)" Spring Sprott Spry Spurrier Squibb Squire Squire "St Asaph (Llanelwy, Diocese of)" "St Bride (of Pembrokeshire)" "St David's (Diocese of)" "St George" "St John" "St John (of Fon-mon, Glamorgan)" "St Maur (SEYMOUR, of Penhow Castle, Monmouthshire)" "St Quintin (of Tal-y-fan, Glamorgan)" "St. Clair" "St. Michael" Stable Stack "Stack (Kerry)" Stacker Stackhouse "Stackpole (of Pembrokeshire)" Stacy "Stacy (e)" Stadler Stafford Stagg Stagni Stagno Stahl Stainer Staines Stainton "Stamfield or Stanfield" "Stamford or Stanford" Stamp Stanbridge "Stanbury or Stanbery" Standard Standen Standish Stanfield Stanford Stang Stanhope Stanhope Stanley "Stanley (of Ewloe, Flint)" "Stanley (Roscommon and Westmeath)" "Stanney ( of Oswestry, Shropshire)" "Stanton (or STAUNTON, Pembrokeshire)" "Stanton or Staunton" "Stanwix or Stanwick" Staple Stapleton Stapleton Starck Starke "Starkey (of Cheshire)" "Starkey or Sharkey (Dublin)" "Starkey or Starkie" Starling Starr Staub Stauber "Staunton (Galway)" Staveley "Stead or Steed" Steadman Stecher Steck Steding Stedman "Stedman (of Cardiganshire)" "Steel (e)" Steele Steen "Steer (e)" Stefani Stefanini Stefano Steffan Stegmann Steiger Stein Steinbach Steinbeck Steinberg Steinberger Steiner Steinhart Steinhaus Steinmann Steitz Stella Stengel Stenger Steno Stephen "Stephen (or Ystiffin)" "Stephens or Stevens" "Stephenson or Stevenson" Stepney "Stepney (of Prendergast, Pembrokeshire)" Stern Sternberg Sterne Stettner Steuben Steuber Steurer Stevenson "Stevenson (Down)" Steward Stewart "Stewart (Marquess of Londonderry)" Stickel Stiehl Stier "Stiles or Styles" Stilwell Stirling Stobart Stocco Stochmann Stock Stockdale Stöckel Stocker Stocker Stockl Stockley Stockton Stockum Stockwell Stockwood Stoddart Stoddart Stöhr Stoke "Stokes (Dublin)" "Stokes or Stock" Stolle Stoltz "Stone I" "Stone II" Stoner "Stoney (Tipperary)" Stopford "Stopford or Stockport" Stoppa Storch Storer Storey Storie Stork Storr Story Stosch Stoss Stössel Stothert Stott Stoughton "Stow (e)" Strabolgi Strachan Strada "Stradling (of St. Donat’s, Glamorgan)" Strahl "Strait (s)" Straiton Strange "Strange or Strang" Stranger Strangways Strass Strasser Stratford Stratherne Strathy Stratton Straub Strauch Straus Streber "Street (e)" Strehle Strelley Streng Stretton Strickland Stringer Ströbel Strobl Strode Strombeck Strong "Stronoch or Stronach" Strother Strozzi Strube Struthers Strutt Struve Stryvelin Stubbs Stuber Stücker Studdy Studley Stumpf Stupart Sturdy "Sturgis or Sturges" Sturt "Styward (of Denbighshire)" Suardi Suárez Suckow Sudbury Sulley "Sully (of Glamorganshire)" Sumner Sumpter Supico Surtees Sutcliffe Suter Sutherland Suttie Sutton "Sutton (of Gwersyllt, Denbighshire)" "Sutton (of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire)" "Swain or Swayne" Swainson Swale Swallow Swan Swan "Swan (Wexford)" Swanson Sweet Sweeting Sweetland Swift "Swift (Kilkenny)" "Swift or Swifte" Swinford Swinnerton Swinton Sword Sydenham "Sydow or Sidow" Sydserf Syer Syme Symes Symington Symmer Symons Syms "Syward (or Siward, lord of Rhutin, Glamorgan)" Taaffe "Taap or Tapp" Taber Taberner Taboada Taboada Taborda Taccone "Taggart or MacEntaggart" Taillandier Taillefer Tait Tait Talbot "Talbot (Dublin)" Talenti Taler "Tallant or Tallon" "Talley (Chancellor of St. David’s)" Tamarit Tamayo Tamburini Tame Tancredi Tânger Tanguy Tankard "Tankard (of Dudwells, Pembrokeshire)" "Tankard or Tankert (Dublin)" Tanke Tann Tanner Tanner "Tanner (Bishop of Derry)" Tanzi Tapia Tappe Tappin Taques Tarcento Tardieu Tardif Tardy Tarleton Tarpley "Tarragona or Tarragone" Tarrasa Tárrega Tartini Tarvit Tasca Taschner Tash Tassi Tassinari Tasso Tate "Tate (Drogheda 1660)" Tatham Tattersall Taube Täuber Taunton Tausch Tauscher Tavares Taveira Tavernier Tavora "Tawse or Taws" Tay Taylor "Taylor I" "Taylor II" "Taylour or Taylor (Dublin)" "Tayre or Tayer" Teale Teasdale Tebaldi "Tee or Tye" "Tegerin (AP CARWED, of Anglesey)" "Tegwared (Y BAISWEN)" "Teilo (SANT, St. Teilo)" Teive Teixeira Tejada Tejera "Teles or Telo" Telesio Teller "Téllez or Tello" Tellier Tellini Tempest "Templar or Templer" Temple Temple Templeman Templeton Temudo Tena Tench Tennant Tennison Tenorio Tenreiro Teodoro Tepper Ternate Terré Terrell Terreros Terrien Terrier Terry "Terry (Cork)" Terzi Tessier Tessin Testa Testi "Tetley or Titley" Tetlow Teufel Teutsch Tew Texeira Texier Teyssier "Thackeray or Thackery" Thadden Thaer "Thaker or Thacker" Thane Thatcher Thayer "Thebault or Thibaud" Thein "Thelwal (of Plas-y-ward, Denbighshire)" Theobald Théry Thetford Thévenin Thevenot Thibaudeau "Thicknesse (of Beaumaris, Anglesey)" Thiel Thielmann Thierry "Thimbleby (of Harlech, Caernarfonshire)" Thiriet Thirion Thomann Thomas Thomas Thomas "Thomas (AP DAFYDD AP GRUFFUDD)" "Thomas (AP GRUFFUDD AP NICOLAS)" "Thomas (of Caernarfonshire)" "Thomas (of Monmouthshire)" "Thomas (Wales)" Thomason Thomassin "Thompson (Dublin 1582)" "Thompson I" "Thompson II" Thoms Thomson Thorber Thores Thorley Thorley "Thornbery or Thornbury" "Thornburg (h)" Thorndike Thorne "Thorne (of Shelvock, Shropshire)" Thornhill Thornton Thornton "Thornton (Limerick)" Thorold Thorp Thuillier Thümmel Thun Thurburn "Thurburn or Thorburn" "Thurlow (e)" Thurm Thurmann Thursby Thurston Thwaites Tibau Tibbs Tição "Tidwell or Todwell" Tiefenbach Tiepolo Tiffin Till Tillen Tilley Tilney "Tilson or Tilston" Timpson Tims Tindall Tindall Tinney Tinoco Tinsley Tinti Tipper "Tippet (s)" Tipping Tirelli "Tirrell or Tyrell" Tischer "Tisdale or Tisdall" "Tisdall (Meath)" Tison "Tison or Tyson" Tisserand Tissier Tissot Titus Tixier "Tobin (Kilkenny and Tipperary)" Tobler Toby "Tocco (Tocci)" "Tod or Todd" Todaro Todd Todeschini Todman Todrick Todt Tofani Tojal Toledo Toledo Tolentino "Toler or Toller" "Toler or Toller (Tipperary)" Tolhurst Toll "Toll or Tolle" Tolley Tolosa Tolson Tom Tomacelli Tomasetti Tomasi Tomes "Tomkin (of Shocklach, Cheshire)" "Tomkins or Thompkins" Tomlins Tomlinson "Tomlyn (lord of Llanllywel, Montgomeryshire)" Tompson "Tonge or Tong" Tonini Tonkin "Tonson (Cork)" Tonti Tony "Took (e)" Tooley Toone Topete Töpfer Topham Topp Topping Torà Torel Torelli Torneio Torner "Torney or Tourney" Torralba Torrance Torre Torre "Torre or de la Torre I" "Torre or de la Torre II" Torrence Torres Torres Torresão Torri Torrington Torto Tortora Toscani Toscano Toschi Toshach Tosi Totenham Tott "Tottenham (Wexford)" "Touche (de la)" Touchet Tough "Tour (de la)" Tourinho Tournier Tours Toussaint Tovar Tovey Tovy Towers "Towgood or Toogood" Towne "Townis or Townes" Townley Townsend "Townshend or Townsend (Cork)" Towry Towse Tracy Trafford Trago "Trahaearn (AB EINION)" "Trahaearn (AP CARADOG, King of Gwynedd)" "Trahaearn (GOCH OF LLYN)" Traherne Traill Trammel Trane Trapani Trapp Traquair Trautner Travassos Travers Travers Traversi Trayner Treadway Treipland Trelawny "Tremayne (Tremaine)" Trench Trenchard Trendell Trent Trento Tresham Trevett Trevor Trevor "Trevor (or TUDOR TREFOR)" Trew Treys Trías Triebel "Triggs or Trygg" Trigoso Trigueiros Trillo Trimmer Trimnell Tripp Trist Tristram "Tristram (OR TRYSTAN)" Troest Troncoso Trono Tross Trost Trotman Trott Trott Trotter Trotter Trotti Troughton Troup Trout Trout "Troutbeck (Daughter m. Sir William Griffith)" "Troutbeck or Troutback" Trouvé Trowbridge Trowell Trower Troyte "Trucchi or Truchetti" Trueba "Truell (Wicklow)" Trujillo Truman Trumbach Trumbull "Truscott ot Truscoat" Trussel Tryon Tubb "Tuberville (of Coetry, Glamorgan)" Tucci Tuck "Tucker (of Sealyham, Pembrokeshire)" "Tucker or Tooker" "Tucker or Tooker (Dublin)" Tuckett Tudela Tudor "Tudor (from Owain Tudor)" "Tudur (AB EDNYFED FYCHAN)" "Tudur (AP GRUFFUDD FYCHAN)" Tugwell "Tuite (Westmeath)" Tuke Tullidelph Tulloch "Tully (Bishop of St. David’s)" "Tully or MacAtilla" Tunstall Tupper "Turbridge (of Llan-rhudd, Denbighshire)" Turchi Turck Turco Turing Turnbull "Turnbull I" "Turnbull II" Turner Turner Turner Turpin Turpin Turrettini Turriani Turrini Turrisi Turtle Turton Tutt Tweedie "Twine ot Twain" Twining Twist "Twiston (of Denbighshire)" Twyford "Tyas or Tyes" Tye Tyldesley Tyler "Tyler (Derry)" Tyrie "Tyrrell (Dublin)" "Tyrrell (Westmeath)" Tyrwhitt Tyson Tytler "Tywyn (lords of Tywyn, Ferwig, Cardiganshire)" Ubaldi Ubaldini Uberti Uccelli Uccellini Udall Udny Ugarte Ughi Ugolini Uhl Uhlmann Ulloa Ulloa Ulm Ulman Ulmer Ulrich Ulveira Umberto "Umfreville (of Pen-Marc, Glamorganshire)" Umphrastoun Unanue Unceta Underhill Underwood Ungaro Unger Unhão "Unwin or Unwyn" Upton "Upton (Louth)" Urban Urbán Urbina Ure Uría Uribarri Uribe Urie "Urien (RHEGED)" Urosa Urquhart Urquijo Urruela Urrutia Urzaiz Usher "Usher (Dublin)" "Uthr (PENDRAGON, Father of King Arhtur)" Utra Vabo Vacca Vaccaro "Vache (la)" Vacher Vachon Vaía Vaillant Val Valadares Valange "Valbuena or Valbueno" Valcárcel Valderas Valderrama "Valdés I" "Valdés II" Valdez Valdivia Valdivieso Vale Vale Valejo Valença Valence Valencia Valente Valenti Valentin Valentine Valentini Valenzuela Valeriani Valette Valladares Valle Valle "Valle (de. of Pembrokeshire)" "Valle or Vale (Kilkenny)" Vallecilla Vallée Vallejo Vallés Vallesi "Vallet (du)" Valli Valliant Valori Valterra Valva Vampage "Van (Wales)" "Van or Vavon" Vandini "Vane or Fane" Vani Vanier Vanini Vanni "Vans or Vaus" Vanucci Vaquero Vara Varejão Varela Varela Vargas Vargas Varin Varley Varney Vasco Vasconcelos Vasques "Vasseur (le)" Vaughan "Vaughan (of Breconshire)" "Vaughan (of Cardiganshire)" "Vaughan (of Montgomershire)" "Vaughan (Wales)" Vaux Vavasour Vaz Vázquez Veale "Veale (of St. Fagan’s, Glamorganshire)" Vecchi Vecchiarelli Vecchietti Vega Veiga Veil Veitch Vela Velasco Velasco Velasques Velásquez Velez Velho Veloso Veluti Venables Venegas Venezia Venn Venner Ventura Venturi Venturini Vera Vera Verardi Verardo Verástegui Verdi Verdier Verdon Verdú Verdugo Vere Vergara Vergas "Verger (du)" Verita Vernacci Vernaccia Vernazza Vernazzi Verner Vernet Verney Vernier Vernon Véron "Verrier (le)" Versen "Vesey or Vescy" Vespignani Vestri Vett Vetter Via Vial Viale Viana Viani Viarana Viard Viaud Viault Vicente Vick Vickers Vickery Vico Vidal Vidal Vidal Vidal "Vidali or Vitali" Vido Viedma Viegas Vieira Viel Viell Vieri "Vigier (du)" Vigil Viglietti Vigna Vignati Vigneron "Vignes (des)" Vignoli Vignon Vigoureux Viguier "Vila Boa" "Vila Nova" Vilaça Vilain Vilalobos Vilanova Vilant Vilar Vilarinho "Vilas Boas" Vilhana Vilhegas Villa Villagrán Villalba Villalobos Villamarín Villamil Villani "Villanova or Villanueva" Villar Villard Villarnau Villarreal Villars Villegas "Villeneuve I" "Villeneuve II" "Villers (de)" Villette Villiers "Villiers (de)" "Villiers (du)" Villinger Vincent Vincent Vincenti Vinci Vincke Vine "Viner or Vyner" Viney Viola Violet Violo Vipont Vipont Vischer Visconti Vitale Vitelli Viti Vittori Vitzhum Vivaldi Vivar Viveiros Vives Vivian Viviani Vivien "Vivier (de)" "Voel (of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire)" Vogado Vogel Vogelsang Vogl Vogt Voight Voisin Völcker Volkmann Vollmann Volmer Volpe Volz Vorst Vosper Voss "Vuillemain ou Vuillemin" Wachter Waddell "Wadding (Wexford)" Waddington "Waddy or Waldie (Wexford)" Wade Wade Wadham Wadman Wadsley Wadsworth Wager Wagner Wagner Wagstaff Wahl Wain Wainwright "Wait (e) or Wayte" Wake Wakefield Wakefield Wakeford Wakeham Wakeley Wakeman Wakerley "Walby (of Breconshire)" Walcot Waldeck Waldegrave Walden Waldie "Waldron II" "Waldron or Walrond" "Waldy or Waldie" Wale Walford Walker "Walker (Drogheda)" "Walker (Ireland 1626)" "Walker I" "Walker II" Walkey Walkingham Walkington Walkinshaw Wall "Wall (Carlow)" Wallace "Wallas (or Wallace, of Glamorgan)" Waller Waller "Waller (Limerick)" Walles Wallinge "Wallinger or Wellinger" Wallingford Wallingham Wallington Wallis "Wallis (Dublin)" "Wallis (of Llan-arth, Monmouthshire)" "Wallis (of Llandough, Glamorgan)" "Wallis (or Welsh, of Llan-wern, Monmouthshire)" Walmesley Walpole Walrond "Walsh (Kilkenny)" Walter Walters "Walters (of Piercefield, St Arvans, Monmouthshire)" Waltham Walther Walthers Waltman "Walton I" "Walton II" "Walworth or Woolworth" Walwyn "Walwyn (Hellens, Herefordshire)" Wanger Wanner Warburg Warburton Ward "Ward or MacWard (Down)" Warde "Warde (de la, of Denbighshire)" Wardell Warden Warden Wardenburg Wardlaw Wardrop Ware "Ware (Dublin and Cork)" Waring "Waring (Down)" Warner Warner "Warner (Dublin)" Warrand Warre Warren "Warren (Cork)" "Warren (of Tre-wern, Nevern, Pembrokeshire)" Warrender Warrington Warter Wartmann Warton Warwick Wäsch "Washborne or Washburn" Washington Wasmer Wass Waston Wate Waterfield Waterford "Waterhouse I" "Waterhouse II" Waterman "Waters I" "Waters II" "Waters or Watters (Limerick)" Waterton "Waterton (of Herefordshire)" Watford "Watkin (AP JOHN HIR, of Breconshire)" "Watkins (of Pembrokeshire)" "Watkins (Wales)" Watkinson Watson Watson "Watson (Dublin)" Watt Watt Watter Watters Watterton Watton Watts Wauchope Waugh "Wawane or Wawne" Way "Wayland or Weyland" Wayne "Wayneman or Wenman" Weare Weaver "Weaver (or Wever, of Radnorshire)" Webb "Webb (Dublin)" Webber Weber Webley "Webster I" "Webster II" Wechsler Wedderburn Wedel Wedemeyer Wederkind Wedge Wedgewood "Weekes or Wykes" Wegg Wehner Wehren Weichs Weide Weidner Weigel Weiler Weinberger Weingarten Weinhart Weinmann Weinrich Weinzierl Weir "Weir or Weer (Dublin)" Weise Weishaupt Weiss Weissman Weiters Weitzel "Welborne or Welburn" Welby "Welch or Welsh" Welcome Weld Weldon "Weldon (Meath)" Welford Wellend Weller Weller "Welles or Wells" "Wellesley (Meath)" Wellings Wellington Wellwood Welman Welsch Welser Welsh Welston Welter Weltz Wemyss "Wemyss or Weymes (Kilkenny)" Wenden Wendt Weng Wenger Wenham Wenley Wenlock "Wensley or Wendesley" Wentworth Werden Werder Werle Werner "Wescot or Wescott" Wesley West "West (Down)" Westbrook Westby Westerman Western Westfield Westley Weston "Westropp (Limerick and Clare)" Westwood Wetherall Wetherby Wever Weyer Weymouth Whaley Whannell Wharton "Wharton (Bishop of St. Asaph)" "Whatley or Wheatley" Wheatcroft "Wheeler (Ossory)" "Wheeler or Wheler" Wheelock "Whelan (Dublin)" Whight Whipple Whistler "Whitacre or Whitaker" "Whitaker (of Denbighshire)" Whitbread Whitby Whitchurch Whitcombe White White "White (of Tenby, Pembrokeshire)" "White or Whyte (Kildare)" "Whitefield or Whitfield" Whitefoord Whitehall Whitehead Whitehead Whitehorn Whitehorse Whitehurst Whitelaw Whitelaw "Whiteman or Whitman" Whiteway Whitford Whitham Whiting Whitingham Whitington Whitley "Whitley (of Hawarden, Flint)" Whitlock Whitmore Whitney "Whitney (of Herefordshire)" "Whitney (Westmeath)" Whitter Whittle Whitton Whitty Whitwell Whitworth Wichmann Wicke "Wickens or Wiggins" Wickham "Wickham or Wycomb" Wicks "Widderspoon or Witherspoon" Wider "Widlocke (or Whitlock, Wydlock, Pembrokeshire)" Widmann Wieser Wiggett Wight Wight Wightman Wightwick Wigley Wigmore Wignall Wigton Wilcocks Wilcox "Wilcrick (of Monmouthshire)" Wild Wild "Wilde (Derry)" Wilder Wilding Wildman Wiles Wilford Wilhelm Wilkes Wilkie Wilkie Wilkins "Wilkins (of Glamorgan)" Wilkinson Wilkinson Willan Willard Wille Willet "Willet dit Ouelette" "William (Sir, AP THOMAS)" Williams "Williams (lordship of Usk, Monmouthshire)" "Williams (of Pen-rhos, Monmouthshire)" "Williams I" "Williams II" "Williams III" Williamson Williamson Willie Willingham Willington Willis Willison Willmot Willoughby Wilmer Wilson Wilson "Wilson (Donegal)" Wilton Wiltshire Wimberley Wimble Winch Winchell Winchester Winchester Winckler Winckley Winder Windsor Windygates Winford Wingate "Wingfield or Wynfield" Wingrove "Winn or Wynn" Winram Winslow Winstanley "Winstanley (of St. Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire)" "Winston (of Trewyn, Monmouthshire)" Winter Winter "Winter (of Llan-gain, Carmenthenshire)" Winterbottom Winterburne Winthrop Wintoun Winwood "Wirriot (of Pembrokeshire)" Wise Wise Wiseman Wiseman Wiser Wisham Wishart Withers Witt Witte Witten Witton Witts "Wogan (Kildare)" "Wogan (of Pembrokeshire)" Wolcott Wolf Wolf "Wolf (of Wolvesnewton and Usk, Monmouthshire)" Wolfe "Wolfe (Kildare)" Wolff "Wolff (de)" Wollaston Wolley Wolmer Wolseley Wolton Wolverton Wood Wood "Woodall (or Wodehall, of Flint)" "Woodall or Woodhall" Woodard Woodburgh Woodburn Woodcock "Woode (de la, of Flint)" Wooden Woodfield Woodford "Woodford (of Castell Pigyn, Carmenthenshire)" Woodgate Woodham Woodhouse Woodland Woodman Woodridge "Woodrof or Woodrow" "Woodroff or Woodruff" Woods Woods "Woods (of Tal-y-llyn, Anglesey)" Woodstock Woodward Woodwards Woolridge Woolston "Woorley or Worley" "Wootton or Wotton" Wordie Wordsworth Wormley "Worseley or Worsley" Worth Wortham Worthington Wortley "Woulfe (Limerick and Clare)" Wrangel "Wray or Wrey" Wren Wright Wright "Wright (Monaghan)" Wrightson Wroth "Wroth (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire)" Wroughton Wyatt Wye Wyke Wyld "Wylde (or Wyld, of Denbighshire)" Wylie Wyman "Wyn (Cadwaladr, of Montgomeryshire)" "Wynde (or Weind)" Wyndham Wynger "Wynn (Dyffryn Melai, Denbighshire)" "Wynn (of Gwydir, Caernonfonshire)" "Wynne (Sligo and Wexford)" Xamer Xifra Ximenes Xuarau Yale Yañez Yarborough Yard "Yardeley or Yardley" Yarnell Yarnoz Yarrow "Yate (s)" Yawkins Yaxley "Yeamans or Yeomons" "Yeates or Yates (Donegal)" Yeaton Yebana Yebra Yellen Yelverton Yeo Yeoman Yepes Yerbury Yermo Yetts "Ynyr (AP CADFARCH)" "Ynyr (GWENT, King of)" Yonge "York (e)" "Yorstoun or Yorston" Young "Young (Bishop of St. David’s)" "Young (Kildare)" "Young (of Tredrysi, Pembrokeshire)" "Young I" "Young II" Younge Younger Younger Yrigoyen Yrusta "Yuille or Ewell" Yuste Zaccaria Zacco Zachary Zaforteza Zagalo Zahn Zambelli "Zambrano or Zambrana" Zamora Zamorano Zamudio Zanardi Zanasi Zanchi Zanelli Zanetti Zapata Zaragoza Zárate Zavala Zayas Zeller Zeller Zellweger Zevallos Ziegler Zimmerman Zollner Zorn Zorrilla Zouch Zubizaretta Zucca Zucchi Zucco Zuloaga Zulueta Zuñiga Zuñiga Zurbano Zurbarán Zurita