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Rattlesnake Skin - Handmade Pen
Rattlesnake Skin - Handmade PenRattlesnake Skin - Handmade Pen
Rattlesnake Skin - Handmade Pen
Item#: rattlesnake-skin--handmade-pen
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Product Description
This hand crafted pen is made from real Rattlesnake skin. If you are attracted by the unusual, then this is the pen for you. The colors of the Rattlesnake are complimented by the platinum plated metal parts.

The snakeskin is wound around a brass tube and then encapsulated in resin. This allows the material to be shaped on a wood lathe.

The removal of material on the lathe allows for a comfortable shape to be formed, while still leaving enough clear resin over the skin to protect it.

This pen uses the Parker style of refill, which are readily available at most stationary stores.

Pen is 5.625" or 14 cm long and approx 5/8" or 1.6 cm wide.