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Imported pens and cases engraved by Wooden Pen Works

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You will definitely be the Teachers Pet after giving one of these!
Teacher's Pen and BoxTeacher's Pen and Box
Teacher's Pen and Box
Item#: Teachers-Pen-and-Box
Name for Chalk Board: Name for Pen: Line one for back: Line two for back: Line three for back:

Product Description

Fantastic 3 dimensional engraving.

This combination will be a hit for sure with your favorite teacher, and takes Personalization to a whole new level. You get to put your teacher's name on both the pen and the case. On the case it will be engraved in the chalk board, and on the pen the name will be engraved on the lower barrel. The upper barrel of the pen is deeply engraved with an apple for the teacher.

The back of the case can be engraved with up to three lines - as an example - from, Timmy Smith, Christmas 2008.

The pens are ballpoints, and both the pen and case are made from maple. Maple is a tough light colored wood that laser engraves with a beautiful contrast.