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The Kennel
It's rare to find someone who hasn't had a dog in their life at some point. I know that growing up, we always had a dog around the house. By the way, we also had cats, birds, fish and more than a few reptiles, but I don't ever remember them waiting excitedly for me to get home, like our dogs.

After moving to my own home, a co-worker had a young Husky that he wasn't able keep, so we took her in. I have 16 years of fond memories and some very funny stories of her.

This is what really led to this series of pens. In addition to seeing if it could actually be done, I was trying to design a pen for my own use as a remembrance for my dog. The look of the pen encouraged me to try additional dogs, and as a result I decided to add the pens to the web site as a series. More breeds will be added over time as the designs are perfected.

So, "stay tuned" as they say, for an expanded selection.

Siberian Husky Engraved Pen
German Shepherd Engraved Pen
Border Collie Engraved Pen